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2002 berlingo 2.0 hdi turns over and wont start
Hi all im wondering if you could help me out on this particular issue

initially i had a issue with my fan heater going off and on again belived that to be a resistor and was in process of getting it sorted

then 2 days ago the battery light (and a beep) appeared but went off when the car accelerated - this was intermittent - it did on first start but after a drive it didn't repeat till the next day.

the following day this repeated the car was started and stopped a couple of times 1 mins after stopping the car to lock up at work i got back in and it wouldn't start at all i called out the AA who sprayed some stuff down a pipe - the car tried to start with ignition turning over and he said it was fuel starvation - i was towed home and advised it may be the fuel relay
he tried to do a diagnostic but his equipment would not respond  - and the relay that was on -  the previous owner or garage where i had bought it from had hacked open the casing for some odd reason - however the circuits were clean and looked like new. i changed the relay anyway but no difference , i also tried a different key in ignition to no effect beliving it may have been the immobiliser

sometimes the car will flash up "stop" and beep other times as if its normal  but wont attempt to fire up - it recently had a new battery put on and a new starter motor following another starting issue.

from reading some sites some say its the computer a Citroen breaker said it could be the start/stop solenoid stopping it another mechanic said it may be a pump on fuel tank. either way im stumped it worked then stopped lol - any advice please ?
I have also noticed theres no noises as such when switching on - but as u turn ignition off there is like a buzzing sound the speedo needle is forced downwards and there is a knock type sound then needle returns to normal.

anyone any idea please ?
Im having similar issues (with emphasis on 'similar') this doesnt mean my problems are the same as yours. From my recent and ongoing experiences with my 2006 2ltr HDI its important to get the ECU codes read. Even if the vehicle is running again the ECU will have stored the fault codes. Without wishing to give you a forest of wrong trees to bark up the 2lt HDI can have bad or non starting issues relating to the fuel system electronics. Im not a mechanic and dont profess to be and would accept any corrections from qualified forum members here but from what I can glean, the 2lt HDI engine ECU will prevent the vehicle firing up if low fuel pressure is sensed. This can be (a) fuel pump fault (b) fuel pressure sensor faulty and even © poor battery condition causing insufficent fuel pressure at the pressure sensor when cranking. If the ECU is not totally happy about fuel pressure then it will not allow the injectors to open just like an immobiliser kicking in. Im told its a safety feature?????? Even an air or slight diesel leak in a fuel line could lead to these symptoms. There could be others too and the fault codes might not necessarily take you straight to the correct source but they are the first starting point. Im having intermittent starting issues with my vehicle and Ive gone over all sorts of possible causes from dodgy ignition barrel coil, key transponder, chafed wires, ECU damp, BSI problems and Im still not sure whats at the root of my sudden occassional non starting. Get the codes read, write them down, clear them and post on here. You never know, we might find something out between us thats mutually helpful. Good luck.
thanks - theres hopefully a auto electrician coming tomorrow to read the comp (well if he doesn't im getting another guy in) ill get the codes and get them on here.

the way the dash is behaving on my second post i would suspect its a short but will get properly checked - computers and tv's and basic car stuff i can do and moderate soldering

more intricate stuff on cars i cant Smile
It sounds like your BSI is misbehaving. Have you tried a soft reset? There's a few posting for the procedure online.
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i dont have the remote fob - and the car wasn't starting at all just turning over - the electrician plugged in a reader and got 2 codes from the ecu (one was powered steering code) which he said could basically mean anything and said it was probably the ecu misbehaving - i thought sod it and took the ecu out and had a look - there was a teeny white patch (water ingress) which wasn't near any of the components. i ran a heat gun lightly over the solder joints in case it was a cracked joint and put back in

The car started then the wipers and indicators wouldn't work properly so i turned it off and it wouldn't start again - and the heater was blowing on and off - i took it back out and removed ecu under bonnet and tried to source a fresh set to no avail - and today checked the wiring/fuses and connectors under the engine i plugged everything back in and turned car over it started again but heater was on and off and capacitor in bsi was clicking - i disconnected the heater fuse and the car has repeatedly turned over and ran (once beeped with battery light) but went when revved up (again).

it seems the heater (possibly the resistor) (or a poor earth connected to the heater is causing a short making the car shut down) - i will get a electrician to check it over again with regard to voltages but from starting once and failing it has repeatedly started - has anyone else had a issue where the heater stops the car ?
As was said above by iank3501 - have you done a BSI reset? you need to do this, it does not reset itself, you will get all sorts of random things happening until the reset is carried out.
Mar 2002 Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D 166,000 miles
i read up on the reset it said use a remote keyfob to lock doors etc - my car doesnt have them - just standard keys
Where it says about the remote key forget that part and just follow on with the rest.
Have a read of this
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
You can get a full set: ECU, BSI key fob & transponder ring from Ebay for about £120 with a guarantee. There is a tiny problem with this as you'll need to have your Injector pump & radio reprogrammed to the new units....

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