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2003 Berlingo BSI dealer programming issue
Hi All,

First post on this forum, this is on behalf of my dad (I have enough to keep me busy with a Renault Scenic!)

Basically the BSI was found to have water ingress so he purchased a virgin BSI and booked into the local dealer for programming..... That's where the fun started.

First attempt really didn't go well, to start with the mechanic said he had never done one before, secondly the helpful receptionist gave him the wrong chassis number and after multiple incorrect attempts he locked the BSI out completely! 

A call to the company he purchased the BSI from confirmed the mechanic had locked the BSI. They agreed to provide another virgin unit in exchange.

The dealer then attempted to program the new BSI. 
My dad was met by a worried looking mechanic who said something had gone wrong.
Although the car started, all the dashboard lights were flashing, several instruments were not working; Speedometer, temp gauge, Fuel Gauge. Other items not working included, internal door locking switch, hazard warning light switch, indicator dash lights. The mechanic said he would speak to a Citroen Specialist who should be able to rectify the problem.

The following day he returned and was told that if he wanted the dealer to do any further work it would be chargeable as they had performed the programming !?! 

It sounds to me as though they don't have a clue as to how the programming should be done. He has tried the soft reset procedure but the issues still remain. 

He is going to send Citroen UK a letter of complaint but I think it's likely that he will need to go to another dealer unless anyone has other thoughts.
Based on what you have posted I'd say that garage is completely devoid of the skills needed to complete the task and they are just trying to cover their backsides. A letter to Citroen UK is indeed in order.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP. Persamos green.

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BSI finally programmed correctly (11th August) by the same garage. Proposed letter was shown and they insisted that they would resolve the issue (the mechanics did manage to lock out 2 further boards before getting it right!!)
Unfortunately my dad has lost all faith with the car so it's now for sale on a certain auction site.
On closer inspection it looks as though the windscreen has been replaced and the original seal reused, it is stretched in certain areas. Am guessing this is where the water had been making its way in.
Its not just the car, its that useless dealer that should hang their head in shame.

I hope you didn't pay for any of this?

If you did ask for your money back , shocking service froma cCitroen dealer who really should know about the cars they sell.
Very poor services Still send the letter to Citroen and see if they will make the dealer change the wind screen seal and give you a full refund :justno:
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