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Autodata and timing belts
I'm going to be undertaking a big round trip soon, fully loaded 12-1500 miles in my 2006 1.6HDI (75) Multispace which is having it's mot today. I've owned the car from new and it's never been heavily driven (ragged) rarely getting over 3000rpm, as that's the way I drive. It averaged less than 5k/year for the last 3 years. I'm aware the timing belt recommendation from Citroen is 150000k or 10 years (now amended to 144000K) but want to make absolutely sure, as my car is 7.5 years old with 73000 miles on the clock. Autodata suggests 96000 miles, I've just run it through the local tyre places computer.
So who do I believe, it's rather an expensive option to make a mistake, should the timing belt go :eek:...and do you have any different experiences or recommendations?
if it was me i would get it changed (just had mine done ) just for peace of mind. as its been on there for 7.5 could be fine for another year or two BUT if she goes you have a cuput car.
Thanks l ;-) I spoke to 5 different garages today before getting what I deem as a real life answer.
It is 150000 (now 144000) but a particular Citroen garage recommend 8 years or 100,000 based on their experience. I think I'll get it changed just for my own peace of mind.
I have the same engine but a 92 bhp in my 2006 car and it's coming up for 65,000 miles and I fully intend
to change the timing belt, tensioning pulleys and water pump in July of this year at the annual service.
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As OI'Jeffers wrote it's a must to do the water pump as well as timing belt and pulleys
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Thanks chaps. The Citroen Garage that gave me the 8year/100000 also said they'd check the water pump and replace if needed. Citroen want £350+vat for the timing belt and then another £70-£90 for the water pump. Looking round (like I always do) on ebay the a lot of the kits come with the water pump and tensioners included. I've done timing belts on older escorts so have thought about doing it on my Berlingo, but looking at the working space it's very tight against the wheel arch and I may well pay for this one to be done!
Ensure they replace the water pump whether it's leaking or not. Sods law says that if it's not leaking now, and they don't replace it, it will start leaking shortly...... then you'll have the same expense you just had all over again to get at the pump to change it. For the sake of £40 or so to save another £300ish it's not worth the risk.

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Totally agree Mike.:thumbsup:
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I rang a couple of other garages for quotes yesterday, down to £250 now. I asked about the water pump etc and both the garages said they wouldn't do a timing belt change without replacing it...good to know but glad I asked for peace of mind.

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