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Boot Camper.

Hi there,

Thought I'd post up a design I've been playing with for a Boot Camper (For Berlingo/Partner). Although it's a roughish design and could change by the time I find time to build it!

Think of it as a sleep-over bed or perhaps a bedroom compartment for a side awning attatched to a sliding door.
A pull out kitchen unit and anything else you can imagine protected under the rear tailgate, similar to a 'Camplet' trailer tent?

I've converted VW vans before to camper vans but this is my first one of these, quite a challenge! but definately possible, check out Amdro conversions.

Graham and his non-Citroen Partner!!
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Good of you to post it up, i know for sure a couple of members have been wanting to tinker with their rear ends.

Was this design by you or by Amdro?
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 [Image: mybbsig.php]

I've just looked at a variety of pictures online, got the basic idea and then measured my own Partner (Fnar!!)!
Amdro has been the inspiration but I'm going to do a swing out kitchen like 'Camplet'.

cant wait to see some pics of it finished.....hurry up, summer is almost here, or has it just gone?
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
(29-03-2011, 06:24 PM)pch Wrote:  cant wait to see some pics of it finished.....hurry up, summer is almost here, or has it just gone?

Dont say that! Pch, it was you right who said they wanted to fix up something in the back?

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 [Image: mybbsig.php]

yes twas me.......but still unsure of best arrangement, so that car is multifunctional, feel self inflating mattress for sleeping on and presently have a big box on wheel with everything in, gillie kettle, plates /mugs/ tea /coffee/ etc etc can be taken out , sat on, opened up with all necessary bits and bobs, but can take it out if and when I want ot carry big loads.
would love to see some professional ideas, to see if they would meet my requirements.....thats where its hard as we are all diiferant with differant needs
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
I made a bed in the back of an old Land Rover once. I got by with 9 mm plywood, but stiffened it up with 1x2 battens underneath. I nailed it together, but the nails worked themselves out constantly. Gluing and screwing is better.

Here's our current setup in our Land Rover Discovery. The back of a Berlingo is quite similar, I guess:

[Image: DSC_8920.jpg]

I think I've used 12 mm here. As you can tell it's lightened quite a bit by taking out triangular sections. As a bonus it's easier to reach behind the cooler (on the left on a slide-out). After two summers in the back, including a rather harsh trip on gravel roads and paths through the Pyrenees, it has hold up quite well. All joints are with screws into glued 1x2 battens. The glue is some kind of crazy construction glue that is stronger than the wood.

There's no bed in this system, as we use a roof top tent. Like this picture from user siggi at the German Berlingo forum:

[Image: berlingotreff0007.jpg]
For some ideas



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