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Boot light?
So I've got automatic everything, bluetooth, headlights that point round corners etc.  But when I open the boot I'm faced with a black hole.  Am I missing something here?  The multispace is supposed to be all about carrying stuff, so how are you supposed to see what you're doing?!

Did they forget to fit mine or do they really not have one?  Has anyone fitted diy ones, if so then does it even have a boot lid open switched supply?
The boot should have a torch come light on the right hand side O/S by the little pocket is it missing .
Do you mean AFL adaptive foward lighting didn't think they done them on the berlingo i thought when you have the light's on if going around a right hand corner the right fog light came on if left the left one came on ? please tell me if i'm wrong
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Doofer, again I'm the same as you. My new one also doesn't have one but the one I test drove did. It turns out that they were dropped from the latest spec from June this year.


As a citroen owner for many years, they make good cheap quirky well designed cars, but some of the things they do is just crazy.
Yes it is crazy they don't do them self any favour's cost cutting they put people off them and wonder why they get bad press so there's no engine cover no torch wonder what else is missing is the under tray still there ??
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My model of multispace did not come with one. I bought the unit and found the complete wiring harness was behind the panel in the boot. Easy install. I too hate it when a company cheaps out like that.
Thanks for the replies.

Was any drilling/sawing needed to fit the boot light? Is that the removable torch unit? I think that, bizarrely, the boot light is now only supplied with the glass roof. I'd love to know what the logic is, but I've no idea at all. I think it's removable torch or nothing - did they once fit a standard boot light if you didn't get the posh torch?

Would it be possible to fit a generic LED light to the cabling - i.e. is there a 12V supply there that's on only when the boot lid's open?

It's amazing value for money, but the things they've missed out are plain silly - cheap but very annoying bits. Yes, including the blooming engine cover.
Oh to add - yes, it's got lights that see round corners. The fog light at the right or left comes on if you either steer or indicate in that direction and you're going at under 20mph.

I don't know whether this is standard or (more likely) it's because I added the automatic pack that includes climate control, auto wipers and auto headlights.

All very posh and flashy, but no boot light!
Yes, the light I installed is the removable torch. You need to cut out the plastic on the side of the boot to fit the light/torch assembly. Since they still offer the torch I'd expect that the wiring is sitting behind the sidewall. Next time I have the boot open I'll check if it is live only when the boot is open. I know the batteries in the torch charge when the car is running.
I've ordered the torch - hopefully it's the right part, including the bit that clips into the side and not just a replacement torch - it was £38.12 inc VAT, which I thought was pretty reasonable. This is in stock in the UK, but I ordered it at the same time as the engine cover that might take over a week, so I'll wait for both to arrive.

After I've (hopefully) fitted it OK I'll take some piccies. I think mine has a separate blank panel clipped in where it needs to go, so I shouldn't need to cut anything.

Their system has a note on this part warning that replacement bulbs are not available. I understand from googling that this is not really an issue - I think from googling that it's a weird 4.7V bulb but a near-equivalent of the right fitting works perfectly. I might try and replace it with a decent LED bulb from the outset - I'll see what's involved when I get it.
I have the Modutop, so there's a light above the boot as well as the torch on the side.
Its odd that Citroen are penny pinching on new models considering the practical use these cars are bought for.
MkIII VTR 1.6hdi Modutop, Climate Pack, 16" Alloys

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