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Brackets and brake pipes
I have made a school boy error whilst replacing the rear axle on my van. I had to strip out the brake lines running to the wheel cylinders and had them replaced due to being corroded and the fittings being rounded off. The problem i have is I've been ill so haven't been working on the van for a couple of weeks but forgot how the brackets and pipes are routed around the axle and underneath the van. Can someone put up some pictures of the fitment of brackets for the flex hoses and the one's that come from load sensor valve please. I do feel a bit of a div for asking for such advice Confusedcratch:.


[Image: 2wob0xu.jpg]

[Image: 1584ccm.jpg]

These are pics that addo posted in his posts . Thank him for them :thumbsup:

try searching for Rear Beam (Axle) Re-Shafting . That gives you a better view
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  • addo
Thanks brodfather11 will search rear beam axle aswell.


Thanks to Addo's pics i know where i was going wrong, cheers
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  • addo, RolyG
We love a happy ending.:thumbsup:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
My Berlingo 2002 failed  a MOT due to the rear brake sensor valve spring being broken on drivers side. It also  failed on badly corroded brake pipe running from brake cylinder to flexi hose. After lots of efforts and stripped nuts , there was no other option than remove the complete sensor valve. The nuts would    would not budge so I had to cut all four pipes at end with junior hacksaw, and  source a second hand sensor valve.  My problem is the same , after leaving the job for only a few  days  , I now am not sure were each pipe  refits on to the sensor valve as their is four.  A couple are sort of easy to work out, but the two lines which run parallel  across the underside of the floor I am. not sure were they refit.  I have tried to see on the photo provided but the photos are to small to make out were each pipe goes. Can someone help me with a   layout or more clearer photo   Thanks.
If you search for " Rear Beam (Axle) Re-Shafting " go to the end of the post and there are a series of pictures and the last few give a good view of the valve and pipes.

TIP :- you can copy and paste the phrase ,rear beam etc into the search box.
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Many thank for fast reply, have followed your links and found the photos , which are excellent , now it just a matter of refitting the brake pipes to sensor and bleeding the system and of to the MOT centre. Cheers.

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