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Brake bleeding fault
Thanks for letting me join. I have a 2007 Belingo Multispace 1.6 hdi
Hi, im having trouble with a 2007 Belingo Multispace 1.6 hdi concerning brake bleeding. I have replace both wheel cylinders and bled system. The pedal went away so i replaced the master cylinder. There is now a pedal but it has too much travel for my liking. If i let off and pump again then the pedal is good. I have carried out normal bleeding, pressure bleeding, clamp off the back and bleed fronts and vice versa. bled master cylinder bled ABS pump engine on and off. Adjusted rear brakes, cleaned front pads etc but still brake pedal travel...some help would be great...cheers
Hello and welcome to the forum good to have you with us on the rear axle there is load sensor make sure it is open as if you were loaded get the berlingo jacked up as far as you can then bleed it see how you get on don't forget to release the load sensor after bleeding
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Uncle Jed has it right.Are you pressure bleeding?
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Get the front of the vehicle higher than the back the master cylinder reservoir tilts slightly forwards making them a pain to bleed.

And as others have said it helps if the load sensing valve is tied off open.
How did you get on then?

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