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Clutch & accellerator pedals
Hi there,
I have become a owner of a citroen berlingo multispace 2002. I really luv the vehicle, however, both the clutch & accellerator pedal, seem very unresponsive. The clutch pedal feels hard to push down, and feels resistive upon return. The accellerator pedal seems like you have to push it down really heavy, in order to get any acceleration. I,m hoping someone has had this problem also, and the cause, and hopefully the solution ? Regards Sparky2328
The heavy clutch is probably down to the cable needing lubrication and/or badly routed.
Gas pedal.....check all of the linkage for wear and excessive play.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Could also be the clutch release shaft in the bell housing needs lubing.
Are these jobs on the clutch easy?
All of these jobs are easy, to me anyway.
The clutch cable can be lubricated from the engine bay backwards towards the pedal. You must disconnect it first and then hold it up in the air to allow the oil to travel and tie it up to allow time for it to happen.
I also fill the adjuster with moly grease which helps a little.
The clutch pivots can be lubricated with oil - start at the top where the pivot is - I normally make a small well with plasticine around the pivot to hold a small quantity of oil and when the clutch is operated the oil seeps past the shaft top bush whilst lubricating it and then the oil travels down the shaft to the bottom and lubricates this also. Normally the bottom bush is not accessible but this method allows it. The only negative is that after a while you will see the oil dripping down onto the floor so don't park on your drive use the neighbours instead, and don't blame me either - better still use a drip tray.
The accelerator cable can also be lubricated with ease, again remove from the engine connection and hang it up in the air. I found that the cable will benefit from re routing to allow a series of gentler bends for the cable. There is a photograph I posted on the forum somewhere showing this, have a search.
Obviously you will lubricate the pivot points for the pedals in the cab and if the angle of the pedal plates don't suit then bend to get the angle to suit yourself.
Some gains can be made from doing these things but do realise that it will never ever be a light clutch or throttle pedal.
Have fun, probably take you an hour and a half to do the above at a relaxed pace.
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