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Cold Turkey ; withdrawal symptoms of the lingoless
My dealer has redeemed himself. When I told him about the added costs the delay to my new car was going to be he offered to do the decent thing and give me a courtesy car till it turned up. Our old faithfull needed re taxing, insuring, MOT, new tyres, wipers all of which it hadnt needed six weeks ago when he thought my new one would arrive.

We switched on Wednesday.

So here I am in a new C3 with 50 miles on the clock. But its not right. I have never had a car that just couldnt before. Even my old 2CVs could do stuff. Do you remember the old Antiques roadshow titles with the 2CV transporting a Grandfather clock through the dales? I have rolled back that roof at garden centres and dropped a couple of 3 meter trees into where the rear seat should have been, slid the boot lid off and bunged a few bushes into the spare tyre well and driven sedately home. I need the adaptability of a real car back.

I went to pick up our carpet shampoo machine from my daughters but it wouldn't go in upright into the C3 boot, or even much at all! When I got home the first job was shampoo the boot. And why would anyone put a dirty great sponge under the boot lining? Is it to soak up the leaked milk from the supermarket shop? No wonder they have scent wafters in the heater system. How do people manage with ordinary cars? My sister has a Mini FFS.

I want my Berlingo. I went down to the dealers. My old 04 desire was parked unloved by the fence. That car had done nothing wrong. It had started to become expensive at service times. I suspected that although I had done clutch, disks, timing belt etc. recently that was not going to be the end of it and so had ordered another. My guilt was weighing on me.

Even taking the dog anywhere is a trial. Our mutt is exceedingly hairy but not quite as hairy as pretty much anywhere he has recently been. The boot of a brand new C3 belonging to someone else is not a place you would want to put him. Is there a suit I could get him? or maybe cling film to the neck and some sort of goldfish bowl for the sharp end?

Give me my new car. I need a car I can use. One that can take two full roller bins to the dump. That can take a bike or two bunged in the boot as well as the riders. and that means not just to the trail, but back again at the muddy end of the trip. A car that goes to the beach, but in style, with the kit, tents, sledges, kites, buggies, barbies.

I need my BERLINGO

I need it NOW

Dealer, fix it for me.
Do you have a handover date for the new one yet?

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
(28-04-2012, 09:07 AM)Trevor Wrote:  Do you have a handover date for the new one yet?

As has come to be the way, nothing is carved in stone, more like stamped in butter on a hot day.

As of Monday the car was on the quay at Sheerness.(Citroen UK)
Citroen Kendal said it arrived Tuesday
Got a Welcome your citroen is in the UK email on Thursday from a 3rd party PR company!

It was still there yesterday. BUT my dealer thought it was being transferred to Sandtoft (Corby) yesterday, Friday. Corby is the UK northern distribution hub.

They couldn't confirm it had got there. Could still be in Sheerness.

The official guestimate of arrival at Kendal is Wednesday.

Citroen Kendal *hope* the handover will be Friday.

These times "could slip either way by a couple of days" ; that will no doubt be due to the butter.

However all these dealings feel like wading through treacle and not at all slippery. It all depends on just how hot things get and there is a chill wind at the moment.
Good grief! It would be interesting to know when the two you phographed at the dealers were ordered?

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
I know what you mean about having a car you can use - I´d hate to go back to a "normal" car now.

We´ve just moved house over the last few weeks and most of our stuff has been carried in the Berlingo. It´s amazing the amount of stuff you can get in the back. Last week we drove back with another load of stuff, the car packed to the roof and pulling a trailer with a motorbike on it. 250 miles and we still got around 42 mpg.

Berlingos are great!
How much is the fish?
The first post reminds me of something that I do take for granted , whatever you need to put in a berlingo it fits ! Like you say wheelie bins easily go in , even with "bespoke" :whistle: shelving down the one side . As do 7 rung treble extension ladders 'cos me passenger seat pours itself into the footwell :thumbsup:
What ever a lingo does wrong it redeems itself with what it does right , to be without yours must be sending you round the twist . Get to bed early then tomorrow comes round quicker :thumbsup:
Soon be yours :drool:
Hi All!

Ive got the 1.9D Van and i love it, even though the engine hasnt got much grunt lol!

Getting it up to 80mph is a mission especially while driving into the wind but it will get there dreckly!

You can fit anything in the back it will grunt but will get the job done!

I drive my Wifes golf TDI and it goes like stink but i hate driving it!!! and i think she does too, as the berlingo is soo much easier, more room.

If i ever get rid of my van or the wife gets rid of the golf then ill have to replace it with a multispace!!

Even if its a multi or a van they have stacks of charactor!


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