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DW8 ECU pinout
Hi everybody!

I'm having a hard time with my Blingo wiring. It's a 1.9D, m49.

When I received it, nothing electrical but the headlights were working. After a few weeks I've fixed the BSI, indicators, ceiling lamps, stop lights, tail lamps and half dashboard (speedometer, clock, mileometer, fuel level). Still can't get tachometer readings, temperature, or preheating feedback.

After reading a lot (even in French), everything points to ECU faulty/not communicating, mainly because things that aren't working depends on it. I don't have access to Lexia/OBD reader, but I do own a oscilloscope, solder station and multimeter and I'm not afraid to use them Wink .

The previous owner took this Blingo to some "Specialized, Certified, and Everything Else Workshop" for an engine replacement and they don't plug *nothing* but the valve in the diesel pump, alternator and starter engine, so the engine runs quite fine, but they *cut* the wires to sensors so I don't even know where the wires belong. Luckly, they left the wires hidden, so they only cut some plugs. They also left unplugged the BSI and connected the fans to ignition, so everytime I turn the key, they are on.

I've tracked down everything in the BSI thanks to one XSARA/Picasso manual I've found online, but I can't find something like that for the ECU so I'm lost with so many wires in the connectors. I've a friend that gave me all the connectors for the sensors from an old Saxo wiring, so my main problem is that I don't know if the ECU is alive and where to connect the sensors.

Does anyone have the ECU pinout?

PS: I do have the wiring scheme for m59 DW8B/Delphi ECU, but I don't know if they are compatible

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