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Dipped Beam Resistor.
Anyone know where the dipped beam resistor is on a mk1 pre bsi berlingo and what it looks like as apparently its not the shotgun style one im used to on 306's

Dipped beam WHAT?
its a resistor that controls the dipped beam on h4 bulbs. its usually located near the lights on 306's it looks like a shotgun cartridge. but apparently PSA modern version it looks like a relay with a heat sink on it
Nothing like that on my Mk. I.
(Mine's a 1999 )
And to add to the confusion, I disconnected my headlights(H4) from the normal wiring and installed a pair of relays and thicker wire(a cheap kit I bought at a store) where the connector for the LH H4 is used to energise the relays. (Shorter, thicker wires means slightly higher voltage at the bulb. And yeah, it works... Best £20 upgrade I found. )

The dipped beam doesn't normally require 'adjusting' via a resistor, unless there's some weird legislation going on where you live?

Maybe it's a shunt used to detect a failed bulb?
But if so, there should be 4 of them(main and dipped on both sides), and a warning light on the dash.
(Sounds a bit too advanced for our Berlingos, really)
What I'm trying to do is instal hid lighting with hi/lo reflector shields the car I removed them from was a 306 which shares a large amount of wiring with the earlier berlingos. The owner had to remove the dipped beam resistor as it kept effecting the hi/lo controller. As it was only lighting one bulb. Remove it and it was fine.
HID lights?

I'd be very careful about those. Not all kits are 'MOT tolerant' to say it politely.

Have you tried to connect it up?
What happens?
The dim/dip resistor harks back to the 90s when Volvo used it as a running light. On a 306 I believe it was also used
in the alarm circuit. No such thing on a Berlingo.
I also have looked into HID lighting and the legislation is such that it's impractical and overly expensive to achieve.
The cheaper kits are unreliable and of course the main problem is the correct calibration auto beam levelling which is a requirement as are headlight washers.
I use Osram Nightbreaker lamps which are by far bright enough to drive by.
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The dim/dip came in about '85 or so.The idea? was to use them on lit roads to show you were moving without dazzling other road users.The regs were quietly dropped & I bypassed many a resistor in my time.Rolleyes
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