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[Engine] Ignition
I have a Citroen Berlingo manufactured in 2007 with 80 KW and 1.6 of benzine engine.Once day i took distance of about 20 kms and stopped the engine, then 2-3 minutes later i wanted to start, but the battery easy and powerful could rotate the engine, but it didn’t start.All fuses, fuel pump and filter checked, enough and prescribed fuel is in the tank, spark plugs 5 month earlier replaced at 60000 km. So our attention recently has headed for testing the ignition system.I much searched in topic of the distributorless (Electronic) ignition system.
With the next measurement i’m trying to lock out or verify the fault of ignition transformer, so i’ve got to know browsing in the Internet, from where and which type of signs gets the ignition transformer and those how can be measured.Well the signals going to DIS module with 4 wires (one of them carries the electricity [+], in the picture [Image: zvziw2.jpg] from left to right is the 4th wire) have been gauged by oscilloscope and under 4 conditions/circumstances („in empty”, before and under ignition, at starting ).The goal has been to filter any noises coming outside of the car and get univoque result.Examination has been carried out many times.At the measurement of the first 2 wires we’ve acquired (under starting) clean square signals with minimal, balanced and uniform noise (before and under starting).Whilst in the 3rd wire (green coloured) already before making ignition the sign has been at least 5-10 times noisier (compared to the first 2), uneven and irregular, which under ignition not or hardly changed without any square signals.The question: can you tell me where the 3rd wire (green coloured) brings the signal from?

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The wires with numbers like 113 and 114 or 1130 and 1140 are modulated by the ECU to induce a spark, the are normally off and the ECU makes the ground to them - these go to pins 1 and 2.

I cannot say with total confidence but diagrams give me the impression that either pin 3 or 4 can supply the constant +12V through your injection relay or BSI/BSM (depending on year of manufacture). The other remaining pin passes through a suppression capacitor to earth.

With Lexia we examine the coil dwell times, they should be quite close to each other. It's uncommon for both coils to fail at once, so I would suspect a problem in your BSM ("platine servitude fusibles" - quite common to suddenly become faulty) or the BSI. The BSM is not encoded to your car, so testing is a simple process of connecting one known as reliable.

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