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[Engine] non starter/electrical.
Hi there ...i was wondering if any ones got a clue what this fault is
51 plate 2001 1.9d berlingo...
Turn key 1 nothing turn key 2 only oil light and airbag turn key 3 it turns over but no start, oh yeah the blower wont work either.
The vans been ok for years, the only recent work was to clean out the egr valve, it ran fine after doing that but now nothing,ive checked all the fuses twice and cleaned all the earths, ive even done the bsi reset but not sure if i did that correct as i dont have central locking, anyway this has really got me foxed????
Any ideas......
Make sure your battery is ok and fully charged check connections to and from battery and starter motor and earth connections from chassis to engine. Did you dislodge any wiring when you cleaned the egr out. Don't worry about the central locking bit when you did the reset just ignore that bit.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Have you got a different key to try to rule out immobiliser fault?
Cheers for that tom cat ,the battery is charged up, i can't see any loose wiring around egr,and would a bad connection to any of those sensors cause the fault? I checked some of the older posts on here and found two other people had the same fault, but alas without a solution....[rob5rob] p32 and glanzanut,p35.... i'm getting my overalls on now for another go.
(13-09-2015, 10:33 AM)Col Wrote:  Have you got a different key to try to rule out immobiliser fault?

Well another day under the bonnet, i dont have another spare key and your right i will now have to start thinking about that possible fault... today i cleaned every possible contact i could find and put dielectric grease on all... ok i didn't do bsi unit and computer ecu but thats next, unfortunately i don't have a fault code reader but i don't know what i would make of the results if i had one....realy got me this one?
Are you positive the battery is ok what voltage is it showing you really need a discharge meter on it to see if you have dead cell. Do you have another battery you can swap. When you say it spins over is it as fast as before it played up.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
hello, just to reinforce what has been said already, be certain of the the condition of the battery, a simple off-load voltage check is not reliable in determining its serviceability (and I'm speaking from experience here!!) check what its doing on attempting to start, voltage drop and current draw  if possible. 
If  the battery has screw vent caps to access the cells and you have or can get a hydrometer, maybe check the condition and level of the electrolyte. 
Also do you know how old the battery is? It might be better to change it if it's older than 5 or 6 years anyway, a dodgy battery can cause all manner of weird snags.
Hope you get it sorted, all the best
In case people didn't realise a battery load test is something that tyre and battery outlets ( and some garages ) will perform for free and in front of you so you can see the result, it takes a matter of moments to undertake, certainty is thus assured and provides a sound basis for further work if required.
HI there,the batterys only a year old been on charge all night now showing 13v so its not that besides it turns the engine over fine,i'm begining to think waters got in the bsi and if thats the case its a scrapper,just waiting for the rain to stop and i shall go and shout at the van again. cheers all.
Ok, i think ive finally sorted it... After cleaning all the fuse contacts on the engine bay fusebox,litteraly pulling it out of its plastic box it all started coming back online...however if you turn on the heater blower or use fag lighter, the fault reappears.Been trying to follow the diagram in the haynes but it doesn't make sense.
Will have another go tomorow, thanks for your ideas... and cheers again.

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