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Exhaust mounts
Just wonder if anyone can confirm or check something. 

I am in work, but noticed as I got here that my back box was out of line and the tail pipe pointing down at the wrong angle. 

It's not blowing or anything but I think one of the mounts has perished. 

I can't get under to have a look properly till tomorrow and it's likely to be dark. 

It's a 1.6 petrol but I think they are similar. Can anyone confirm how the back box is mounted. I can see one rubber mount. It looks worse for wear but it's all still connected to the bracket. 

Is there another mount tucked up beyond it? I think this one has failed or its popped out which would explain the strange angle my pipe is at? 

I am struggling on my phone to find a diagram. 

Winter is pain in the butt for things like this as it's pitched black and throwing it down when I am not in work!
Look here and search your model under " catalogue enquiry "

For all your exhaust needs ^^^^ their numbers are often quoted on eBay

Local motor factors will stock your parts.
You need 2 of these 
[Image: 15950_21593.jpg]
preferably the middle one. Lube the metal so it slides easily in and out and you are done. You can readjust the angle the box sits in by loosing the the ring clamp and setting it how you want it, however be aware if you put it up too high and snug it nicely into the bumper hole, you will realize when you start driving the exhaust is now hitting the chassi on every bump. Hope these tips help
It can also be this type:

Which mounts is used depends on which exhaust system is fitted.
The two prongs that the rubbers attach to may need bending slightly to allow a relaxed hang be it on the silencer or the body.
Translation: Bring a 2lbs hammer... ;-)
been there, done that, had ringing in the ears...

When replacing those rubber mounts, remember to also replace the one behind the front box. It's probably just as perished as the others.

I had a look last night and yes, the rubber mounts are past their best and lost shape.

They were both still attached but one had a cable tie round it to keep it from falling to bits. Obviously a bit of a bodge when they did my back box last summer!

I have added a couple more ties for now until I order some new rubber mounts and sort it out properly.

As for the attachment further up the exhaust...... that's no longer there. I removed it completely a few years ago because the welded arm from the exhaust to the mounting point snapped at the weld, so it was rattling like mad against the pipe.

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