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"Front Door Open" message stops my central locking
It's getting worst and worst to the point that sometimes it takes 10 slams of the door in order for the message to disappear, once it's gone, then the central locking works. I thought it will be easy fix but I did not see where the sensor on the front door might be so I was hoping somebody will save my time investigating. Nothing is mentioned inside the Haynes manual.
That's a good question, I don't know either and I can see it would be handy to know.

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Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
I would have presumed it works with the interior light switch, but I'm guessing here. :S
What happens to your interior lights when you shut the door?

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My missus has a panic when she sees the "left front door open" message and she has to get out and go back to check the house is locked Big Grin
So where does this bit go then ?
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I'll hazard a guess and say its all built into the door latch ,like the Volkswagens. Confusedcratch:
Their ones sometimes suffer from dry solder joints in a circuit board that controls the remote locking and interior lights. Some claim its the slamming of the doors that affect the soldered joints. :eek:

Or it could be the wiring between the door and the pillar, broken but making now and again.
What happens when you physically push the interior light switch close..try when both door are open that will show if it is that which controls the message...can do the same with door locks using a screwdriver..just use it the same way as the striker bar on the doorpost strikes the lock just make sure you open again with the handle before slamming the door shut again as the locking mechanism is in the closed position and your door will just bounce open again..
My front and rear interior lights are permanently off , incase "right door open" flashes whilst driving as this causes both interior lights to flash constantly (which does ones head in :brickwall: )
I can go days without this malfunction or it happens for a dozen attempts and van is left unlocked over night or worse .... in birmingham :eek:
It's likely to be a worn out or faulty switch or activation mechanism in that door's latch assembly.
First I'd check the wiring with a meter as a broken wire will give the same symptoms.
Then I'd strip out the door and check that the switch is being activated.
If you strip the door out you can (probably) operate the swich manually to check if the light goes out.
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The switch is inside the latch assembly. I think his will be the same as a Xantia, P406 etc - so long as it is/isn't a deadlocking one (donor must match type). Buy from French breaker if possible, as driver's door is the (less used) passenger side!
(27-11-2013, 08:15 AM)addo Wrote:  Buy from French breaker if possible, as driver's door is the (less used) passenger side!
Aargh, it's obviously too early in the morning for me! :whistle: I had to really think about that for a while. It makes perfect sense now I think about it. Confusedunny:

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
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