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Halfrauds MOT centres (non Citroen)
Anyone had any probs with them?? My son realised late on saturday that his MOT (toyota corolla T sport) was due on Saturday with a new job he did not want to take time off and appear not to plan ahead. Halfrauds at a former X channel port just to the W of Dover could do it on Sunday booked & payed via tinterweb. Guess what it failed:brickwall: handbrake effiecency low (he had no tools with him) brought it home checked it over made no changes/adjustments took it back & it passed (the 50% re test fee for leaving the car park was waived) then it appeared to take more cranking than usual to start:eek:, the same thing this morning before work:eek:, would not start after a couple of attempts at work this evening he checked it over and found one of the coolant temp sensors disconnected:censored: that explained the lousy fuel consumption over the past day and a half.
As an aside while he was there a customer was kicking off because his car had failed (2nd time) on a N/S ball joint rubber, and they had put on the 1st fail sheet it was the O/S one, so he had gone away and changed the one indicated wanting to make sure his car was OK.
Are they trying to generate business???
He phoned head office to complain and was told to leave it as it was, so they could get a engineer to check it, after being informed that he would gladly do that if provided him with a hire car within 30mins for the duration he would gladly welcome any inspection!! they are now just looking into it.
Anyone else found this with multi outlet national company's
Everyone I know who has taken their car to the local Halfrauds Autocentre has been told they need new brake pads and discs. I am tempted to take mine in to see what it needs (I know the front pads are going to need replacing within the next month or so, and have a suspicion my disks as well). They offer some great deals on pads and discs, including new pads for life deal.
Our local halfords autocentre are unbeatable on exhaust prices. Yes they give you a 'list' of advisories a mile long sometimes, but it saves buying bog roll :thumbsup:
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Had to have a new windscreen in the car a couple of weeks ago thus qualifying for a free Halfrauds MOT just as it was due , part of me thought , result ! free MOT , the other part thought , hang on a minute nothing is for free , they're gonna find anything to increase the bill ! hoping I'll get fail items done by them but no !
Merc sailed through with advisory for both rear tyres :whistle:
So Mrs Nil by mouth's one and only experience of Halfauds was O.K.

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I've actually been very pleased with the few mots, services and a timing belt change done at halfords auto centre, and I can be quite fussy. I guess it depends on the centre. Only really used them because of tesco vouchers.

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