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Intermittent speedo reading?
Afternoon guys,

Just got a small issue with our '04 HDi Berlingo and was after some advice, please.

Randomly, the speedo needle simply drops to zero - regardless of driving around town or being on the motorway. There doesn't appear to be any pattern as to when and why it does it (weather conditions - warm/cold - travelling speed (as mentioned) - what gear its in etc).

It remains at zero for approx 30secs or so, then picks up and indicates the current speed. It doesn't do this every time the Berlingo is driven and it can do it within half a mile of setting off - or over an hour into a journey.

Any help or assistance of what I can look into with fixing it would be much appreciated. I'm just really puzzled as to the randomness of it as surely if a speedo cable was damaged or disconnected, the speedo would constantly read zero MPH?

The speedo is driven electronically from a sensor located near the differential on the gearbox. It has a plug with 3 wires going to it. Bit of a cow to get to but check that this connection is is ok and not corroded etc. Confusedalut:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
Thanks for the response on that Smile

When you say it's located near the diff, is it only accessible from underneath the Berlingo? Or can it be reached from above via the engine bay?

With the Hdi's there's not a lot of space from over the top.
I found mine was easier to get to from underneath. :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
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(17-02-2014, 02:22 PM)Rustscrat Wrote:  With the Hdi's there's not a lot of space from over the top.
I found mine was easier to get to from underneath. :thumbsup:

Great stuff - I'll have a try from underneath then. The speedo dropped to zero again today!


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