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Jumpy Acceleration!
Hi all

Iv searched the forum and cant find the answer.

I have a 1.6 MK1 Petrol,Recently SOMETIMES when been going along the Rd/motorway pulling away in 2nd gear and 5th and when running in 5th gear the car does a little jerk/loss of power but not enough to cut engine completely but enough to make you think it will.Almost as if its chocking itself.

Car has been well looked after has had cam done not so many miles ago, New mid and back exhaust,although was sat around for a couple of months 6months ago.
Due to this had car serviced insisted they changed fuel filter and plugs and other normal routine sevice air filter etc.

Unfortunately im still noticing it every so often and no warning lights are coming on!!

Could it be a batch of dirty fuel or does it sound more like the injector or sensor is on its way out and needs replacing?

sorry for all the questions just know if i go to a garage they will look every where and charge a packet.
Thanks in advance.
Check the simple things 1st.Ign connections,plugs & coil(s).Is the fuel filter ok?On older cars the problem could be corrosion in the connectors so pull them apart for a good check.Good luck.:thumbsup:Confusedalut:
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I'm suspecting the fuel filter is dirty.

Especially as it seems to happen when you put the car under load.

First thing I would change.
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"New mid and back exhaust,although was sat around for a couple of months 6months ago." It's probably not it but check where your CAT and mid exhaust meet, there is a wire mesh gasket and sometimes it doesn't give a good seal. Best way to do it start the car and run your hand around to feel if it's blowing. Report back
Hi all thanks for your responses,The fuel filter was changed on service last month.finding it difficult to get to where mesh is at front of exhaust due to plastic covers etc.. it seems to disappear up into engine from what I can see. Will keep looking. Smile
Was the fuel filter defo changed?

Can you tell if it's a new part?

Not saying your garage cuts corners but I know too many that do and "forget" to renew things. Especially things that can't be seen.
No have not looked as not sure where it is placed?. Assuming its in the front engine compartment somewhere? Does someone have any pics?
Thanks Gav
On the 1.4 it's on the right hand side rear of the petrol tank.
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