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Ply lining
Hi Guys n Girls,

I've just moved over from a Vauxhall Combo to an 04 Berlingo. First impressions are great, much better built than the Combo.

I have two simple questions that I'm hoping you can answer.

1 - The van is ply lined but not between the rear and the front seats, I need this lining for security. Any suggestions, templates etc?

2 - Rear door windows need covering up, any suggestions on doing this? Reflective film maybe?

Any help will be gratefully received.
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  • whitebus
Original steel guards are £45.
I have these and have covered in black PVC from local sign makers.
Think looks better in black than white from outside.
(Inside is still white.)
[Image: 1z5oxoj.jpg]
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I had precisely the same issues with my van.

The only trouble with full bulkhead plying is you loose the option of being able to get long items, ie ladders in by folding the passenger seat. I got round this by getting 1.5 meters of black curtain blackout material, ( cost about £12 from John Lewis) and rigged it up with a bit of curtain wire. Obviously it's not major security but from the outside you can't see into the rear. For the rear windows, I just cut some 5mm MDF and painted them white securing with plastic blocks.

Prior to rigging up the curtain, I checked with my contents insurance company and as long as items were 'Not visible from outside' they were happy.

Going back to plying the bulkhead, did think of getting some ply and making a hinge arrangement to allow long items through to rest on the folder passenger seat but for me the curtain does the job.


Must admit J90's blacked windows do look far better than my white painted ones. Feel a modification pending!!!
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I too would like to make a plywood bulkhead, I accept what has been said about losing the use of the passnger seat space, but for me as a gardener the issue is more about safety, ie if the unthinkabe should happen and the van either spins out of control or uverturns the last this I or my passenger want is spade, forks and garden shears flying around the cabin! I would prefer wood as then I can use the space for hanging tools or clothing.

Does anyone have a template for this, the commercial ones are very expensive and are they easy to fit?
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  • whitebus
Up until my current van which has a factory one Ive always made up my own wooden bulkheads and incorporated an opening window flap in the structure to allow for rear view mirror vision and long items.
I fastened in stud timbers and then cut ply panels to clad them.If you clad both sides you can include insualtion that cuts out most of the noise and heat transfer.
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Would a mesh dog guard type combined with the curtain do the job and still give the option of hanging with hooks made from bent wire. My brother in law had a Fiesta van and despite emptying it it still had the rear window seal cut with Stanley knife from time to time just in case there was something in there. The window was placed in the rear though and not smashed, very considerate some thieves so he only needed to buy a seal.
So where does this bit go then ?
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