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Prospective Berlingo owner; need advice
I am looking to buy a Berlingo, which will primarily be used for short journeys of about 10 miles daily. As many of the journeys will include driving on some forestry style tracks the XTR sounds quite attractive with its slightly raised suspension, underbody protection and traction control.

However, the major considerations are economy and reliability. I am looking to spend no more than about £3,500 which, judging from Autotrader and Ebay, might get me anything from a 2006 up to a 2010 vehicle depending on the mileage.

Is it better to go for a later model with high mileage or an older model with low mileage?

I have noticed a lot of discussion about the reliability of the 1.6HDi, including on this forum. Do these issues apply to vehicles in the 2006-2010 model ranges?

Are there any expensive service interval jobs to look out for like cambelts or diesel particulate filters?

Many thanks in anticipation.
Peugeot Partner Combi 2.0 HDi Escapade
I have a Bingo & prior to that a Partner - great little cars for lugging stuff round. Must say though for 10 miles daily on forest tracks I'd use a mountain bike !. The Bingo would be barely warmed up and you'd end up with all the usual issues you get using a diesel on short journeys. If the short journeys are your main use you'd be better to buy a petrol one - if you can find one.
Agree with that ,short journeys for a diesel engine no good,they need a good run
(09-08-2016, 07:22 AM)Mr Keef Wrote:  Must say though for 10 miles daily on forest tracks I'd use a mountain bike !.

Can you put a dog crate with dog on a mountain bike? Tongue

Typical usage would be a few miles on A road with the last bit driving down a forestry road and then walking the dog. Occasional longer trips would be likely too.

Previously, we have been diesel Passat owners and never had a problem with the engine. However, our previous Passats have had terrible problems with water ingress and electrical faults. The Berlingo with the twin sliding doors and big rear opening looks practical from our perspective.

Surprisingly, there are very few Berlingos available secondhand for sale. The ones that I am finding are in the Central Belt and that is already a round trip of a few hundred miles. Petrol Berlingos probably go in the hen's teeth category.

Will constant short journeys in a Berlingo kill it?
Peugeot Partner Combi 2.0 HDi Escapade
So, which part of the diesel engine gets bunged-up because of the short journeys?
Peugeot Partner Combi 2.0 HDi Escapade
The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). It's not specific to Berlingos or Citroens - it's an issue for all modern diesels.

Any soot gets filtered out in the exhaust. Every now and then, the engine does a regeneration - it runs extra hot and squirts a bit of fuel in during the exhaust stroke, and eventually the soot all burns away. If you never do a long journey this will never complete, so you'll have a very expensive clogged up filter to replace, plus fuel economy will be pants.

If you're only doing short journeys then petrol is probably the only sensible option these days. For a Berlingo, that means that you'll pay approximately nothing for one IF you can find one but it will be a base model. All the rest are diesels.
I am familiar with DPF but never experienced any particular problems with VWs. Our last Passat was at 120k when we got rid of it.

How long lived and reliable are the petrol Berlingos?
Peugeot Partner Combi 2.0 HDi Escapade
Reading around on the Internet about DPF problems I noted that some manufacturers provide dashboard warning lights indicating the DPF status.

Do you get DPF warning lights on the Berlingo?
Peugeot Partner Combi 2.0 HDi Escapade
My 2006 1.6hdi 75 doesn't have a DPF
Those in the know..... Go Berlingo!
Hmmm, when did Citrëon start using DPF on the Berlingos?

Sometime after 2006 or did it depend on model?
Peugeot Partner Combi 2.0 HDi Escapade

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