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Rear Floor Cover
I have just bought an 03 Berlingo Multispace. The information I found on here has been most useful, thanks to all.

The whole rear floor area from tailgate to the back of the front seats is covered by a large plastic object. I hesitate to call it a mat, since it is moulded to fit everything including the corrugations in the floor. Mine is very tatty so I rang the local Citroen dealer to check availability and price for a replacement. The man said that they hadn't sold any before and that it would cost £240 plus VAT.

Are there any replacements available at a sensible price? I have had a look round ebay with no luck but that might be because I'm not sure what to call it - anyone know the proper description?

If not it will have to be a sheet of plywood and a rubber mat.
Hello and Welcome to the forum!!
What you're after is a liner.

Take a look here....but look carefully and beware of the very cheapest!
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Try a Peugeot / citroen dealer with part number 9424 40

Peugeot is often much cheaper



Hinged boot tray, made to measure in thermoformed plastic with logo.

Non-slip material: Yes.
Recyclable: Yes.
Dimensions: L x W x H :
With benchseat raised : 820 x 1325 x 40 mm.
With benchseat folded : 1175 x 1325 x 40 mm.
Thickness: 1.5 mm.
Logotyped : Yes.
Colour: black.
Markings for making cut-outs in the tray for JBL equipment or if using anchoring hooks: Yes.
Lip on the boot sill side to improve retention: Yes.

Hinged, it can be used in 2 configurations: rear bench seat raised or folded.
Provides effective protection for the original boot mat when transporting goods or materials that may soil or cause permanent damage by tearing.
Fitting perfectly to your vehicle in terms of its dimensions, not to mention the colours and finishes.
Water-resistant, protecting the vehicle in its day-to-day errands.
Quick and easy to fit and remove, no fixings.
Top-end, anti-slip material.
Vehicle specific.
Keeps vehicle in good condition for future resale.
With its eco-design, it is fully recyclable.

Not sure how good it is, as I haven't got round to ordering myself one yet :-)


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Thanks for the suggestions.

What I am specifically looking for is something which has the corrugations moulded in, as you will see from the attached pictures.

Otherwise, I shall buy plywood and plain rubber matting and cut to fit.

Apologies for the state of the car, I think its previous history included use as a smoking shelter and the transportation of the occasional moulting yak. But it was cheap.

[Image: 30kpyqa.jpg]

[Image: dp92j8.jpg]
Ah ! That's a MK2

I read the "03" in your post as MK3. Sorry.

I don't know of any after market floor coverings for the whole floor of the MK2

I can try and find a part number for it if your want to ask a Peugeot dealer ?


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