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Road Rage

This is appearing everywhere at the moment, made me chuckle, some people eh Rolleyes We all have bad days.
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If that had taken place in the US you would have heard multiple gun shots.
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After the third time of him standing in front of me saying 'why are you intimidating my wife' I'm afraid he would have ended up upside down in the gutter.

Provided he wasn't a reyt big bugger like Big Grin
Oh dear;
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
Big bugger or nay, if i'd been his wife, i would have pushed him over myself! Rolleyes
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As an HGV driver it is arrogant, inconsiderate people like this woman that make my life more difficult than it needs to be.
We can all see that the Audi is parked (abandoned) illegally and the traffic chaos it is causing. Where are the police and/or traffic wardens when you need them?
This woman (would say the same if it were a man; but it wasn't) should have been procecuted for the offence using the video evidence.
Imagine the situation if an ambulance or fire engine had have been trying to get down the street.
Imagine if it was going to your injured child or burning house (or burning Berlingo)?
People like this have no consideration for others or the consequences of their actions.
But you inconvenience them and see what happens....
These people always know their "rights" but f**k all about responsibility.
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Except they don't know their rights either. He was filming in a public place so they have no right to privacy. Just the same as that street is probably covered by CCTV.

On their own property they have rights to privacy but out in a public area they have none.
re ; post 5 , if only a fire engine needed access. . . . Excuse me audi ; CRUNCH
I notice how the only time someone stops where its narrowed coming the other way completely blocking the road, its another bloody Audi.

Unfortunately, from my experience it would appear that a large proportion of the population are just as inconsiderate and selfish.

If only one of the lorries 'didn't see him.'
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