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Service plans
Hi everyone, picked up low mileage 64 plate xtr airdream with good spec last night, am comparing service plans to ensure looked after well and warranty stays intact, any thoughts from others whether servicing from citroen is preferable ? Robbieg Smile
A lot depends upon how long you plan on keeping it. If you change in say three years time, a full Citroen dealer service history will add value and make it more attractive to buyers. I assume for the warranty to be valid, dealer servicing is required?

If, like me, you intend on keeping yours for many years, then a cheaper alternative may be just as good. Either way, make sure that the servicing is done to a good standard and that all receipts are kept to prove that the work has indeed been done.
MkIII VTR 1.6hdi Modutop, Climate Pack, 16" Alloys
My local Cit dealer is cheap enough for servicing. On Citroen website you will see for cars over 3yrs old they do £149 incl. Mot interim & £229 incl. Mot for full service, & they also price match other garages in the area. Its difficult to see how another garage could do it much cheaper so I'd rather keep my service book stamped up with Citroen. I suppose it depends on your relationship with local main dealer. Mine is a family owned firm with service reception bloke one of the family & an ex mechanic, he will tell me exactly what is being done & so on.

From what I read on here some Cit dealers are not so good so in the end its who you trust to do a good job. One does need to bear in mind that the 1.6 diesels have a specific oil drain procedure & correct grade oil is essential so whoever does the servicing one must ensure oil change regime is carried out correctly.
Has already said i would go to the Citroen garage to keep it serviced it's fair price a main dealer service stamp always look's better in the service book and have it serviced every year or 8,000 mile's that's oil filter and oil not every two year's or 12,500 mile's
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Thanks for your input and views, my local mechanic is vw Audi specialist although does all makes and I've taken my vw,s and skodas to him for quite a few yrs. but I agree it does look better to have citroen dealer stamps in service book and technicians that know their quirkiness throughout. My past citroens have been a Dyanne and a couple of bx,s donkeys years ago but this is the best Citroen I've had yet so want to keep it nice. Have looked at online servicing companies that collect and return car but think would prefer a garage to visit and our local citroen dealer is only about a mile away. Nice to have such a roomy and useful vehicle, looks smart . Many of our friends drive Mercs, lexus, Audi etc, but they all seem so cramped in comparison to the belingo. Looking forward to camping hols, either Scotland or Cornwall. Wife's a teacher and I have recently taken early retirement from nhs so will be able to have extended summer break touring round. Next job is to get tow bar fitted.
I keep saying since we got ours that if everyone was logical we'd all have a Berlingo. It's shocking how much people pay for pretty crap cars with shiny bits of bling stuck to them.

I'd check out the Citroen servicing prices - as said above, it looks to me like their prices are much more reasonable than other brands I've had in the past. I've been told that they often drop their prices if you ring to enquire and grumble about the price when they tell you, perhaps add a few swear words like Halfords and Kwik-Fit to encourage them.
The Citroen plans seem to be good value BUT there are a lot of things missing from them which they may try and sell to you separately. I hate it when people advertise full service when it plainly isn't, to me a full service includes all fluid and belt changes, perhaps I'm just old fashioned.

The good thing is that you can expect a Citroen dealer to be using the correct oil, I'd expect many non-dealers to use the correct grade but not to the Citroen spec.
Mar 2002 Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D 166,000 miles
The stamp in the book and the warranty aside, have a close look in your owners manual to see what actual work is done on a service. It isn't much.

Mostly its a visual check of things. The oil and filter change is about as complicated as it gets and I doubt if that is done as well as could be, I bet they don't clean out the filter housing or let the sump drain for very long.
MkIII VTR 1.6hdi Modutop, Climate Pack, 16" Alloys
Good to have your views , have gone with a service plan at my local citroen dealer spreading the cost by paying monthly, would have preferred my usual independent mechanic who is very good and trustworthy but need to have peace of mind that genuine citroen parts are used and that the technicians are familiar with the vehicle. Plus it's just round the corner and they provide free courtesy car. The berlingo only has seven hundred miles on the clock so intend to keep it for a few years. Feel sorry for the original owner, apparently was an elderly gent who after buying the car in October was told that his license could not be renewed for medical reasons. As a result we have a virtually new car for around two thirds of the original purchase price.

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