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Sloppy gear lever
Hi there

I have a 54 plate Berlingo 2.0 Hdi van with sloppy gear lever, though the gearbox works fine. Can't understand why it should be sloppy and hope you can help. Found so far is worn plastic bushes connecting gear lever to selector rod and the bell crank pivot ball seems a very loose fit with the selector rod. I will replace these however I don't know how tight the gear lever plastic pivot ball should be and don't know whether the berlingo gear lever should be biased towards 3rd and 4th gear or how it should be held in that or other place.

Hope you can help.

Thanks in anticipation
I replace both links when i replaced my clutch but the gear selector is still very loose i put that down to the milage.
Hi and thanks Smithy, I appreciate your time and information. I have yet to determine the different gearboxes as I know mine has three links. I've seen a set on Ebay for about £42. I guess I'll end up changing all the bushes and links. My van has done 76K miles which I didn't think a lot for these parts to be worn out though.

Bless you
Hi Again All
Sloppy Gear lever

I have fixed my problem. The cause was a lot of wear in the link between the selector rod and gear lever. There are no plastic or other bushes here, just a welded 'turned' rod on the selector rod and the 'hole' for the rod to pass through on the end of the gear lever. this welded rod has a nut and washer which secures the two.

Because there is wear it would be difficult to obtain 'after market' kits to fit (I got one off Ebay which didn't)

The easiest solution would be to buy a new gear lever and possibly selector rod from citroen or to find a serviceable one from a scrapyard. In the end I didn't take the easy option. I drilled out the gear lever hole to 15mm. I then used a 14.7 mm diameter turned rod with a hole down it's length. (part of the kit off Ebay)

I then drilled out the fixed existing rod from the selector rod, to the right diameter for a bolt to be threaded through the 'turned' rod. then welded this to the selector rod.

This bolt is then fitted with a nyloc nut and washer fixing the gear lever to the selector rod.

Not sure my thread here will be clear however my sloppy gear lever is no more.

As an aside, the local citroen dealer informed me that if there is a difficulty in selecting gears then the gear link rods may have become sloppy and lost their plastic inserts. The only solution is to buy new gear links.

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