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Stereo remote stalk adaptor
I have tried searching through the forum to find which adaptor I need to instal my Pioneer DEH-1400UB into my 2006 Berlingo and retain the remote (fitted on stalk rather than steering wheel)?

Several available but I don't want to get the wrong one, sellers don't seem 100% sure themselves.

Also, does anyone know where I can get hold of the clips holding central console in place (2 into which screws above stereo attach)?

Of course these where lost during disassembly and trying to fish them out by using magnets has proved difficult due to the amount of other magnetic parts present.
I bought a Pioneer from Halfords and they had a chart which shows which adapter goes with which car/unit, maybe worth giving them a try if you havn't already. Often they have fitters on site too who may give advice.
I've just bought an adapter and patch cable for my 07 plate Mk 2 and Alpine head unit. If it works, I'll pass on the details. Wish me luck!
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Halfords couldn't tell which cable, assistant tried finding correct item in catalogues without success.

That is probably a different cable to what I need, best of luck though.

I believe I need either PC99-X87 or PC99-X44.
I thought I should mention that I didnt buy the adapter unit, which is why I havent given you the part number! I decided that I could use the 'extended arm' method! When the guy looked for the required piece there was some doubt about if it was the right one. It was also reduced and he said that was probably because it was being discontinued or updated. I thought I would wait and see. My car then got written off in an accident so I took it no further.
I have been informed that cable DS-CT002 by dynamic sounds should work (even though not listed as one of the compatible models), just waiting for delivery.

Sure I could use the extended arm technic but I hate to see equipment not capable of it's original function. A dead stalk would bother me.

Will update on progress as soon as I have received adaptor.

Any advice on mounting (attaching cage)? Was considering trying to combat the original stereos "dead space" (because of it's curved appearance) by using some sort of spacer but don't think I'll bother.
I fitted a Sony head unit to mine. Halfords sold me something that didn't work but took it back without quibble. They then sent me to a local independent who insisted that I needed a discontinued Panasonic part - he had one in stock and it works. Apparently the Sony part never worked with the Sony unit and they always used the Panasonic lead, even ordering what was available when they stopped production.
Can confirm that above mentioned adaptor (DS-CT002) worked a treat for my 56 Berlingo (mk2/m59) which previously housed a factory Clarion (RD3-01). My only complaint is that by the time adaptor and stereo harness has been added to stock harness it gets a bit cramped behind the stereo.

Other than that, all good.
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