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Temporary Lock Repair?

Hi all!
As a newbie Berlingo owner and forum member I thought I'd start with something relatively simple, I'll get on to the heater matrix replacement in a future post!

My 'new' 02 Berlingo Multispace 1.9 D has the common problem of worn locks. I intend to replace them with new ones soon but in the meantime have been locking the two front doors from inside and leaving the tailgate unlocked on my drive
I've removed the tailgate lock for inspection and found that the inner barrel is so worn that it doesn't engage with the outer barrel so when I put the key in the barrel just spins round and round.
Somebody on another forum suggested carefully epoxying the inner and outer barrels together but doesn't this mean that any old key or screwdriver could turn the lock? I would only do this as a temporary solution anyway but does anybody have an opinion on this idea?
Many thanks
AHHH , the good old lockworm , always there to dull your brightest day.

Not quite sure what the idea of epoxying the moving part to a non moving part together would achieve, I think it would bu***er up the lock so that nothing would work it, not even an old key/screwdriver !
Or am I missing something , maybe different type of locks than fitted to the vans that this could be done too?
The external bezel is pressed over to hold the whole lock together. I think if you were careful and creative, it might be possible to gently prise the unit open and take it to a locksmith for renewal of the pins.
Lockworm.....that's a good name for it! Can't believe I didn't spot it when I bought it but the trader had all the doors unlocked, just like he put new mats down to cover up the leak from the heater matrix!! Confusedillyme:

There are three parts to the lock, inner barrel, outer barrel and barrel housing. When the lock is in good condition there are two small metal locator stubs on the inner barrel which engage with the outer barrel allowing it to turn in the housing when the key is turned.(These stubs are completely worn down on my locks.) The outer barrel is connected via a linkage to the locking mechanism.
I think the guy was suggesting that the inner and outer barrels be epoxied together allowing them to turn together in the housing as they should do.
It seems to make sense but I'm not clear about what role the key plays when inserted in a properly working lock.
Anyway I think I'll give it a go today, I've got nothing to lose!

(08-05-2013, 09:06 AM)addo Wrote:  The external bezel is pressed over to hold the whole lock together. I think if you were careful and creative, it might be possible to gently prise the unit open and take it to a locksmith for renewal of the pins.

Thanks Addo,

I've already stripped the lock down which is quite straightforward. As you say a locksmith may be able to help but I wonder at what cost? I think new or good used locks will be the way to go eventually.
Sorry Pablo64,
I thought you used the term "Lockworm" in your first post but as I was suffering from an Acephalgic migraine at the time I sometimes see things that are not there. Not seen pink elephants yet. Confusedillyme:

If you don't know what a Acephalgic migraine is look it up as I had to.
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  • addo
Interesting reading! I've had a few migraines that more or less blinded me in my left eye at the time, but due to the relative lack of a headache, I hadn't realised what was going on right away (or, in one case, until I'd run into the back of another car)...
No problem brodfather, I actually quite like the term Lockworm. It sounds like a medical condition of sorts. I think the forum should adopt it's use in future!

Hope your Acephalgic migraine clears soon, it sounds unpleasant.
I thought of it more as a burrowing worm! Annelida clitellata haplotaxida lumbricus ostius crinediae?

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