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[Tires & Wheels] Do I have the correct tyres ?

I have a 2010 Multispace and recently left it into a tyre dealer to get 2 new tyres.

The original tyres on it were 205/65R15 94H.

The tyre dealer did not have the above in stock and has put on 205/65R15C. He says that they are safe and legal.

So I checked and Citroen recommends "H" speed rating. I have looked up the speed index and there is no "C" value.

I suspect that these may be van tyres - i.e. "C" standing for commercial ??

Anybody know if my tyres are incorrect - I don't want to invalidate my insurance.
I just looked at the receipt and it says "HIFLY VAN". So these are van tyres.

Does anyone know - is it OK to put van tyres on a car ?
You need to look on the tyre for the full spec of the tyre as the only Hifly tyre that comes up is as you suspect a budget van tyre with a speed rating of R which is up to 106mph. Check your handbook for your correct tyre size and speed rating or look in the drivers door jam and it will tell you the tyre size/rating and pressure. If Citroen spec an H rated tyre as your old tyres the fitter have put the wrong tyres on and I would be getting them changed for the correct ones.
Those Hifly 205/65/15c have a load index of 100/102 if its the tyre I have found and must have rock hard side walls and very little give in them causing a very hard ride unless you drive round with a full load all the while.
Your insurance company wont like those lower rated tyres either if you are involved in an accident even if speed is not involved.
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Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Contrary to a previous post of mine ..... Some Berlingo's need a higher load rating than most car tyres.

There will be a speed rating after the 205/65R15C number - usually R

Load and speed rating is not considered important enough for an MOT fail on a passenger vehicle, although some testers may give advisories.
Mar 2002 Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D 166,000 miles
My B9 van came from the factory shod with 195/65 R15 91H Michelin Energy Saver tyres. I would have thought that the Multispace would require similarly load rated tyres, because it might be occasionally loaded with a massive weight of passengers and luggage, and then thrashed for hours on a motorway.
Thanks to all for the replies.

I Googled the full tyre spec (205/65R15C 6PR 102/100T) to discover that these are indeed van tyres with a "T" speed rating - one below Citroen recommendation of "H".

So armed with this knowledge I got on to the tyre dealer and they have agreed to replace them.

You just can't trust dealers - I've had the tyres for 6 weeks and only by chance did I inspect them a few days ago to discover their mistake.
Some tyre places seem to think that if they'll go on then they're OK.

My previous car required XL (Extra Load) rated tyres, but the previous owner had saved £5 by fitting standard ones. It cornered like a pile of mattresses. I swapped them for new ones, even though they had plenty of tread left.

The speed rating's a strange science - it's more of a heat rating than actual road speed, so even if you're not going to drive at 100mph+ or whatever they're rated for, you must fit at least that specified.
It's best to buy tyres online, then you know what you are getting. Tyre-shopper owned by National Tyres are good, prices include fitting/balance & tyres are delivered to your nearest National Tyres depot for fitting. Best value tyres they do are Avons. I've had a set of Avon ZV5 same spec as the original Michelins on my XTR for 3.5yrs now, 30k miles on 5 rotated around car & still almost 4mm of tread left.

There are so many tyre sizes nowadays you will be lucky if tyre depot has right ones in stock so they will often try to palm you off with whatever they do have.
hi. mines fitted with 215-55-zr 16 xtra load, over 150mph .............2008 xtr 1.6hdi
Another place to look at on the net is good price's they give rating for each tyre by the public plus db rating load and speed wet and dry grip so you know what your getting  Smile
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