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cam belt
hi, i have a 2004 hdi forte, it has done 57,700 miles , what i would like to know when is the recommended time for a cam belt change, should i get it done now, and if anyone knows what is a rough estimate to have done, oh and is there any other jobs like water pump etc to be done same time, cheers.
if I remember correctly 2.0 is 120k and the 1.6 is 150k or 10 years but I would not let it go over 90k personally. water pump is a must at the same time.

as yours is low mileage I would have it done on age within the next two years to be safe.
cheers polar, thanks for the quick response.
I have 2003 2.0 HDi. And belt change is at 100k miles. Always intended to have it done earlier. Paynes manual recommends half that, at 50,000 miles. I was intending maybe 80k, Reason being, how long do you intend to keep it. I thought less than 150k miles. We have 112k miles on our 10 year old Bingo. As it happened, I let it slip till mileage reached about 110k miles!

Got timing, aux belts and water pump changed. The garage also replaced a top engine mount they broke (but I paid for!).

All good. Except soon after I noticed a strange sound and metallic dust around the pulley (offside) end. Didn't know it at the time, but the 2.0 HDi has a crank pulley made of rubber and steel. looks like it decided to fail just after the timimg belt work.

Anyway sometime later pulley failed, knackered new aux belt. So had to spend another 200 squid to sort.

Would recommend you get timing belt, water pump and aux belt changed say at 80 to 90 k miles. Whether you change the pulley at the same time I can't advise, but may be worth it. There is a solid version. Again I can't advise it is better than rubber version.
If you intend keeping the vehicle for a few years then it would be prudent to get the basics done now rather than later - at least you will get the benefit of your spending and have the peace of mind. Synchronous belts are not immune to age related degeneration and will fail on age before mileage.
If you think you will sell it on before too long then you could take the risk and let the next owner do the works.
hi lads, just a quick note of thanks for you sharing your experiences with me, i tell you its much appreciated, thanks for your advice, and your time, cheers. ill probably get it done in the next six months.
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