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mot fail front wheel bearing and high emmisions
my 1.6 hdi has just failed the mot today on wheel bearing ns front can this be repaired in my garage at home with large socket and vice and also failed on high emmisions test gave 500 and limit 300 van just recently had a new egr valve fitted any help would be much apreciated on any of these problems i have cheers
If you haven't already done so it might be worth changing your air filter and fuel filter as these can push up emissions if dirty/blocked. I'd also give it a good blast just before you take it in for it's retest.
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get it up to temp and give it s**t to mot, I always go to an mot that needs dual carriageway to get there, not that my H Reg concerto needs to worry about emissions.
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Give it a good blast as mentioned for the bearing from my own experience i'd reccommend just giving it to a garage but possibly sourcing the part yourself. It can be a bugger to change, but if you've got all the right equipment (like a mechanic) it can take a few mins and shouldnt cost more than £20-£30
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As well as changing the filters,I would advise a good dose of millers or equivalent in the tank & give it a decent run.No need to thrash it,brisk driving should be enough,in a lower gear if necc to get the revs up to 3000+ for 1/2 mile or so once it's warm.Confusedalut:
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thanks was going to ask about the stuff you put in tank
Millers is very good, I use it on every fill and every on new bottle I give it a double dose.
Works for me.
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Soot just needs a good clear out, unless it has a running issue. Tank juice can help, if its been driven by a nun round town. Regular maintenance is key!
Bearing needs a decent hydraulic press & tooling to fit. If you want to do diy, take the hub off and to a 'competent' garage for them to fit 'carefully'.
I've seen some done badly and it kill's them quickly. Heard of 1 'man in overalls' say "the new wheel bearings are a little noisy, but should get better when they bed in" Confusedcratch: LOL
You don't get faulty bearings, only faulty Fitters! :censored:

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