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steel 15"wheels question
hi ive got some steel 15" wheels with theese numbers on them

26a 045923 d18f mefro made in france 04609 dot e 6.5j 15 h2 et 27
10415 ps6150 03 kba43816

ive been told they came off a 2009 berlingo multispace VTR

can anyone confirm what other citroens theese fit
i am really tring to find out if theese will fit a citroen c5 mk2 2001 onwards
the thing im tring to find out is if the c5 and berlingo wheels have the same centerbore hole
eg they are both curved rounded on the inside of the wheel and
have a lip on the outside of the wheel that sits on the hub
thanks dave
I have they same ones on my mk2 they needed spacers to prevent rubbing on the body
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
(08-04-2012, 05:45 PM)steve valentine Wrote:  I have they same ones on my mk2 they needed spacers to prevent rubbing on the body

hi matey cheers for the answer about the wheels
this may be confusing here we go
i want to fit theese to a saab
i have been told 2001 mk2 c5 onwards wheels fit my saab
ive looked on ebay and found that c5 steels have lots of different centers eg flat nearly flat and like mine rounded inside with a lip outside
my ones are rounded on the inside and have a lip on the outside that sits on the hub etc
can i ask what year your mk2 is i asume you mean a c5 ?
are yours the ones with a circle hole then an oval hole then circle then oval etc
cheers very much dave
Mk2 berlingo.....
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
Steve have you a pic of your wheels mate
Have a look here:-
Amongst my collection of odds I have a 4 stud C5 wheel.
It fits My Hearse perfectly.
You might be able to deduce something from that.
BTW the wheel was the steel-spare from a C5 with original fitment alloy wheels so it has square-edged holes (so the C5 owner could use the same bolts for the alloys)
My van is obviously all steel-wheeled with countersunk (boltholes) so I have to use a set of alloy-wheel bolts but other than that it works fine with no claerance problems whatsoever.
The centrebore will be the same too

But do bear in mind that if you step out of line and do anything different with anything at all the planet will be dislodged from its rotational axis and we will all die and it will be all your fault and the wheel police will put you in prison and sell your Cd's to pay for it.:whistle:

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