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stiff steering and odd smell
On my 1.6 diesel berlingo.

All of a sudden the steering has gone lumpy. The steering wheel doesn't return to centre on it's own after turning and when turning the steering wheel it is not a smooth turn. Also for the last three weeks there has been a slight fume smell in the car at times.

The steering fluid level is ok and there would appear to be no readily visible leaks.

Are the two things connected and what would be the possible causes?
Have a look at the universal joint at the bottom of the steering column they tend to dry out. You can see it if you look down the back of engine, just aim some spray grease at it. Not sure about the smell have you got a pollen filter and if so has it been changed recently.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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Odd smell check the injectors aren't blowing by and letting fumes into the engine bay, catch it early so it doesn't stick the injector in making removal a pain, 1.6 hdi's are prone for this issue

As for the steering, try some thinner penetrating oil on the uh before white grease as it's more searching and gets in where it should be better than grease, wd40 is the best known product of this type, once it's freed of it works then white grease it... If it doesn't return back with further info, also make sure you do both universal joint of the column as mine seizes on the top one Wink
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Ok, many thanks for the replies.

I have greased the lower uv joint and run the car round the local car park to turn the lock back and forth and it seems to be a lot smoother. Where am I looking to access the top uv joint, please?

I'm not familiar with this car yet, can you give me a bit more direction with the injectors, please?
If the smell is exhaust fumes smell in your cab then probably your injectors are blowing.

If you pull the engine cover off you will see your injectors , stick your hand above each in turn and if any are blowing you will feel it.

You might even be able to see exhaust fumes escaping as well and also oily gunk around the injectors too
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The top uj is about a foot or 10" above the one you've lubricated, if you put your head under the dash, if you imagine the shaft that comes out of the steering wheel and goes back to the uj, follow the shaft from the other up and it's there (I think I removed the panel to the left of the fusebox cover to get a better spray angle on it)
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Many thanks for the replies.

I have located a weep at the union with an injector which may well account for the fume smell.

I will see over the next few days.
Finally sorted.

Although a bit of grease seemed to ease the uv joints, it had started to seize up again so these have now been replaced.

There is a bit of blow on one of the injectors and that will be done shortly.

Hope that's useful to anyone else with similar symptoms and thanks again for the replies and help.

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