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turning over but wont start, any help much appreciated
Ok I picked up a little berlingo cheap yesterday she's either 99 or 00 I think, basically the van was starting and driving 100% last week when the guy parked it up as he'd bought a 2012 one. Now after sitting for a few days when you put the key in the ignition hazard lights will come on but when you try to start she will turn over but that's about it. Cd player wont come on either (unsure if that makes any difference or due to the battery being weak). I'm thinking along the lines of an immobiliser issue but why if the van was driving and starting then parked up for a week maybe less wont it start now. Also once the ignition is on there is like a ticking or clicking seemingly coming from the fuse box in the engine bay but once I turn the lights on the ticking/clicking stops lol. I'm by no means a mechanic so as I say any ideas and help is appreciated.

First thing hi and welcome to the forum, what engine do you have in the van/car. Get the battery checked first if the motors been standing and its been cold lately, unless you have a decent charged battery its probably not turning the motor over fast enough.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Thanks man, yeah I should have mentioned its 1.9d and I've had a good battery out of my daily Inca in it with no joy so think I can rule out it being the battery.
They need good working glowplugs to start. Just 1 down on a cold day can prevent it starting.
When you say wont start is it trying to start, turning over fast enough, any smoke coming out of the exhaust when cranking?
Would a glow plug cause the hazard lights to come on?

Yeah it seemed to be really trying to start I'm gona try another battery on it tomorrow to be 110% on that.

Would it be possible it would immobilise itself just sitting for a few days, seems strange to me.
You may have more than one fault on the vehicle - could be a wet BSI playing things up? If its trying to start its not going to be the immobiliser or it would not be trying.

As said on the 1.9s you only need one glow plug down on a cold morning and it will try and start, smoke but wont catch.
Just realise the year of your vehicle and doubt it has a BSI - not sure on this?
to start you need good compression , fuel and a little help from the glow plugs

for good compression the engine needs to spin over freely on the starter, not sound like its struggling and cant be bothered to turn over... good battery and clean surfaces in the connectors in the thick battery leads.

fuel.. maybe an air leak allows fuel to drain back when stood for a bit... perished leak off pipes on the top of the injectors is quite common .. on ours it was the cap on the unused pipe stub on the right hand injector.
there should be a manual primer bulb somewhere near the diesel filter , give that a few squeezes till it goes hard.

glow plugs , relays can go duff so you dont get power to the plugs, theyl usually start with one gone , but 2 down is a problem.... they are a wearing part , not expensive , usually the problem ... id change them anyway.

good luck
(21-01-2016, 11:50 AM)ARN89 Wrote:  ... starting and driving 100% last week ......
....Now ... when you put the key in the ignition hazard lights will come on .... Cd player wont come on either
... Also once the ignition is on there is a ticking or clicking seemingly coming from the fuse box in the engine bay but once I turn the lights on the ticking/clicking stops

  Take a look on the Forum for " BSI Reset " and try this first - cheap easy and often works on " weird stuff "
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