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Full Version: Wipers not working!!
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I posted yesterday regarding my front wipers/washers not working. I tried everything I was advised on here but te fuse was intact. For Zsara Picasso, C3, C2, Berlingo, Partner, Picasso. By accident I typed in my problem on the net and this is what I found:
1. ignition on
2. disconnect grey 6 way plug from comm 2000
3. wait 3-5 seconds then lights come on (mine didn't)
4. switch ignition off and wait 2 minutes
5. reconnect comm grey plug
6. switch ignition on
7. switch ignition off
8. put wiper stalk in auto or intermittent position
9. put wiper switch in off position
10. allow bsi to shut down 2 minutes
11. switch ignition on

That's it!! Mine are worki ng fine now and I didn't even buy a fuse Icon_biggrin
Would you be good enough to merge this solution
into the original thread, please. Icon_cool Ta!