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fuel filter change
hi can anyone advise on how to change the fuel filter on a 1.9d 55 plate berlingo van please.
On my previous earlier on,it was on the L/H side oval shape with Citroens' own version of a reusable tie wrap holding the top on.It's simple to replace & to bleed using the primer bulb.Good luck
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I changed my fuel filter recently.

1/. Remove the engine cover.
2/. Undo clip around filter housing.
3/. Put rags/cloths around filter housing.
4/. Use small screwdriver to help remove cover.
5/. Slowly remove old filter.
6/. Realise the filters Halfords sold you are completely wrong and re-assemble filter housing.
7/. Drive back to Halfords and buy correct filter.
8/. Follow steps 1 - 5 again.
9/. Insert new filter and replace seal around lid.
10/. Re-assemble filter housing.
11/. Start engine.
12/. Sh*t pants when it won't start and have some irrational fear you have broken your engine.
13/. Read manual and realise you haven't primed the filter.
14/. Prime filter.
15/. Start engine.
16/. Smile.
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thanx bryan
could you explain how you prime the filter is it as simple as just pressing the plunger a few times
(08-11-2012, 01:54 PM)hunter Wrote:  could you explain how you prime the filter is it as simple as just pressing the plunger a few times

Yes it is. Prime until you feel resistance or it squirts fuel in your face (at least mine does).

When taking off the filter container lid I find it easiest to remove one of the pipes going to it. However replacing the pipe can be a bit of a bugger as the self locking clip doesn't always want to play ball.

I got my filter from Euro Carparts for £4 or thereabouts. Order online and either have it delivered or pick up from the local depot.

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I've sometimes found it difficult to get the filter housing to sit correctly all the way round on refitting, a few taps with a rubber mallet tends to sort it out.

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