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2001 (y) berlingo 1.9d van airbag light on dash
hi the air bag light is on my newly bought second,13th hand van.

im intending on keeping it for a couple of years so im currently getting it overhauled .
its the second ive had in 5/6 years great vans only ever had clutch trouble but thats wear and tear so inevitable.

anyway i bought this with the airbag light on the dash i know nothing about airbags and their systems as ive never had too but now i do so time to learn .

anyone any info on these systems what puts the light on and manuals for them or wiring diagrams (haynes has a small section but not brilliant).

thanks in advance.


there's an electrical connector under the seat, giving that a wiggle usually fixes it Icon_biggrin
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
Mine has been on and off for the best part of 6 years and it's all down to the the seat and sensor below, nothing else.

My proble is the wife.

I could end the post right there, I know!

Everytime she drives it she moves the seat to midget leg position. When I put it back the light usually comes on and to get it off, I have to fiddle about with the seat position.

So, firstly, try messing with the seat and making sure it is located properly and no foreign objects are under the seat snagging it.
ok thanks ill check that now.

so what else is there in the system , obviously airbag and sensor underseat i now know about any other components just interested.

(midget leg position lol)


cheers for that

the connector was actually unplugged .


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