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Airbag lights ???
I would like some info if i may?
When i purchased my Berlingo a few weeks ago, the airbag lights where constantly illuminated on the dash, i did not take any notice as the car started etc. But after reading on here that this may cause an M.O.T failureIcon_confused.
I noticed on the side of the dash when you open the drivers door, that there is a key like bit with the words " airbags off (to the left ) and on (to the right)". This is switched to the off position. Can i turn it or should i turn it to the on pos, if so what kind of key is this?
Can i just disconnect the airbag light ????
Please helpIcon_smile
Should be ignition key mate would try it no harm will be done
Also try having a fiddle (ignition off!) with the wires/connectors under the driver's seat - on mine and several others it seems the contacts are a bit temperamental and just wiggling them around a bit can clear the airbag warning when you next start.

ISTR that airbag key control is so that you can switch the passenger side one off when a childseat is strapped onto the passenger seat - it's in the manual somewhere.
Think u can make a short circult under seat with a piece of wire between the two pins
will give it a go and let you know!! Cheers, guys
If you turn the passenger air-bag switch to 'On' the warning light will go out,
assuming no fault with the air-bag or connectors. HTH!

did it sort it
No, switched the air bag to on, still no joy!
Looked under the seat, to my amazement there is a cd multichanger there...... no cartridge tho, there were 2 jacks there, wiggled them around but light still stayed on. Shall i pull them out and squirt with wd40 ??
Hi Rob and I presume Tubby is keeping an eye on this thread Icon_wave
What I can tell you is that my van has passed two MOT's with the airbag warning light on and it wasn't mentioned at either station Icon_thumright
I hadn't given a thought to this being a possible cause for concern at next MOT either , untill I read this thread Icon_confused Icon_eek
Hi, unplug/plug the connectors under both the front seats, these are for the seat belt pretensioners and will cause an airbag fault.
Don't forget to do a shut down procedure and disconnect the battery before working on the air bag system!!Icon_doh
Let us know how you get onIcon_thumright
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat. Icon_thumright

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