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Berlingo rear axle / trailing arm bearing replacement
Hi all,

Could anyone help me with berlingo rear axle problems.... I have a 2001 (pre-face lift) and I finally managed to remove the axle (trailing arm bearings gone on both sides) but as I do not have a direct replacement as yet does anyone have info / advice on how to just change the bearings on the trailing arm? Are there any special tools involved etc?

Thanks in advance!
The bearings ride on the axle stubs. If the bearings are gone your stubs will also be history. With care you should be able to remove and replace the bearings with hand tools and a block of hardwood, but for the stubs you will need serious kit.
buy a recon axle and swap your bits over will be A LOT EASIER expect it to be a 2 day job tho i've just done mine finished it wednesday night started it at 8am on sunday spent all of sunday doing it monday night tuesday night and finished it wednesday night and i'm a full time mechanic with a few grands worth of tools and i struggled with proper tools cause every bolt was seized to the point of almost snapping or rounding off i changed every bolt for stainless item and shot blasted all the brackets and painted them
2 days? we did ours in about 10 hours with basic tools, you must have went the long way round as none of my bolts were rusted/seized and i have a y-reg, clamp the brake flexi's, disconnect the pipes, jack the car up, remove the exhaust, support the rear beam remove the 2 bolts at the front, remove the 2 T50, lift the car even more, drop the axle on the floor, swap the axles, lower the car, redo all 4 bolts, connect the 2 brake pipes, release the unclamp the flexi's, put the exhaust on and bleed the brakes.

2 days for your own car? please, i'd expect u to drag it out for 2 days if it was a paying punter but 2 days for your own car suggests in inept mechanic!
MK1 Berlingo, Y-Reg 1.4 Petrol Now LPG Converted.
shot blasting and waiting for paint to dry plus numerous cups of coffee over 2 days seems right to me

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