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Heater Control Back-light
What's the best way to replace the backlight bulb for the heater control panel in an 02 plate van.
Hi Roadie,
Is it accessible if you take radio out?
Only guessing.Icon_scratch
But could be good place to start.
Will see what replies you get as I am thinking of replacing those bulbs with LED's.
Hopefully "fit and forget".Icon_thumright
HBoL tells us to:-
1 Remove relevant panels on the facia.
2 Undo two upper retaining screws at each corner of the heater control unit.
3 Use small screwdriver to release the retaining lug at lower centre of the unit and then withdraw it from the facia.
4 Pivot the unit upwards and then release the clips at rear to disconnect the control cables.
5 You then have access to the bulbholders.
right on the 07 1.6hdi its easy once you stop making it complicated

take off the facial around the radio dash on top, that exposes 2 screws holding on the front facia

take out the 2 torx head screws on top of the front facia panel, get a flat screwdriver and pop the front panel off starting from the bottom

this exposes the heater controls, you need to pop the black front off from the white surround i started from bottom right where theres a space for a flat screwdriver. pop along the bottom and the pop the clips on top.

its hard to pull out over the 3 control but does pop off.[/align]

3 bulbs and away you go.
What type are the 3 bulbs that are required for the 2007 1.6 Hdi as I might invest in the three bulbs before I pull it appart. That way I can make the replacement all in the one go...

Replaced mine last year (forgot to update post Icon_doh )
One had blown, so replaced all three. Used filament bulbs, not LED, as they give a spread of light which is what you need behind switches/knobs. LEDs are too focussed.
Have a look on fleabay (where else....), think I bought 10 for £2.
They have gone up in price since last year, I'm just after buying a pack of 10 for £2.50 inc P&P...
I was out tonight and hit a small bump and the heater control lights came back on, fixed without having to do any repairs...
Having an intermittant moment or two with the central clock/radio/door reminder. Can see the LCD working ok but the lights don't always work... PITA
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue

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