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[Engine] noise
hi guys i have a problem with something rubbing against what feels like a lead cover. when i press down on the part shown the noise stops and engine sounds ok. has anyone come across this before? whats the name of this cover?

cheers for the advice chris

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That is the heat shield for the exhaust/ particle filter/ catalytic converter/ turbo. There is nothing moving beneath it but mounting brackets do fracture due to vibrations. If a bracket has snapped off you may need to improvise.
so no harm in undoing the screws to check the mounts, noise seems to be coming from the far left of the heat shield, how would you improvise?
Hello sparks welcome to the forum Yes you can take it off when you do if it's broken bracket make one up to fit in it's place and put it back together :thumbsup:
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This Is probably the part that has broken . The mounting lugs crack then brake causing the rattle. It is a common problem and citroen don't seem to be bothered about making an uprated part to stop the problem. Don't let it break away and rub on other parts.
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The heat shield was missing on mine when I bought it. I've run it without the shield for 15 months and had no issues other than a failed oil cooler this week. I suppose the missing shield could have contributed to that.

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Email a scrappy, eBay are your friends if you need to replace especially if your not confident making a new mounting bracket.

You might just need to tighten the bolts as they can shake loose then play hide and seek over the roads of Britain.

Replacement bolts are m6 around 30mm in length ( can't remember the size of the two nuts holding the shield to the block)

Doesn't hurt to use a spring washer and a normal washer either.

Also taking the heat shield out can be a bitch , lift it out from above carefully, take your time, watch the alternator wiring on the left and protect the radiator with some carboard.

Forgot to add disconnect the battery or you will get lots of lovely sparks (like I did)
thanks for the informative reply's guys its appreciated, i'm going to look for a replacement top heat shield as its sheared off and just replace like for like, if i cant find one is there anything wrong with repairing as the attached pic shows?

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Nowt wrong with that at all
I'd do the repair in preference to replacing as a new one is only going to go in the same place eventually.
So where does this bit go then ?

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