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[Engine] EGR fault
hi guys

i have a problem with EGR valve, when the egr was connected i would get a intermittent fault that caused the van to loose power for a few seconds but then it would return to normal after a few seconds, then one day when going to start the van it made some weird noises and i had to cut the engine, waited about 5 mins then it started again fine but started juddering on the way home

took the van into a trusted garage and they hooked the egr up to a computer and drove while monitoring what the valve was doing, they said that it looks like the valve was getting confused which may be caused by either a faulty ECU or a faulty ERG cable. unfortunately there unable to take it further and recommended seeing a auto electrician,

they did actually swap the EGR valve but had the exact same problem

anyone encountered a similar problem? could the MAF sensor play a part in this?

thanks for the advice

ps im driving round with EGR unplugged and seems to be ok apart from engine light and another i think unrelated noise from heat sheild

vans a 1.6 1997 berlingo
Heat shield probably either corroded or bolts nerd tighyening/replacing that's the easy fix!

If your garage can't fix what is a simple egr valve I would recommend using another garage.

What is the code being thrown up by the eml if any?

Can you describe the weird noises?

When did the engine start to lose power, braking , accerlating, coasting, steady speed etc ?
not sure what the code was, one time i started the van and it started chugging and sounded really rough, if i didn't take the key out i think it would of cut out on its own, with reference to the loss of power it might of been at a steady speed but too intermittent to be sure as would only happen once every couple of days and couldn't force it to to happen. the loss of power only happened for a few seconds, since having the egr unplugged the van has driven like normal

I got the same problem. Do you resolve it already?

Best regards

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