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driver electric window
so i recently purchased a mudotop desire hdi its been so warm and my driver window isnt working just getting a clicking noise from the green relay/box under the driver footwell dosent seem to be any power at the window regulator
Check the fuse first of all , if not work your way along the wiring until you find the issue using a tester

Not got a Haynes manual to hand but I believe the drivers and passenger windows are on different fuses.
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checked the fuses no power at motor and the green relay box in driver footwell clicking altough noticed the window seems to make a movement on the up function but nothing down maybe the switch
Have you got power at the fuse side of the switch?

If so activate the switch whilst checking for power at the wires going to the window testing both up and down.

A quicker method is to simply swap out the passenger and driver switches and see what happens.
havent got looking at this again but i have found a weird operation from the electric window switch lol noticed my driver door also slighty messes when locking /somtimes dosent lock or somtimes heres the weird bit lol if im in the car car and lock door myself push buttom down and press my window up button my driver door opens lol so widow up unlocks the driver door lol
Lol next your be telling me your radio unlocks your passenger door :-D

Its defo a wiring issue , sounds like the window cable is touching the lock wiring somehow.

Do the tests on the switch but sounds like its a door strip job and a through check of the wiring is in order
i did actually strip off the panel and the foam cover was untouched so i assume no one been in there before had a bit of a poke around all looked ok think its an auto spark job to be fair lol
I had a similar problem with drivers window.

There's two circuits as mentioned. A 5A from switch to Green Box then the 20A from Green Box to Motor.

[Image: LYKP39I.jpg]
4 = Passenger Fuse Box on Drivers side!
54= Window Relay
56= Drivers Switch
57= Drivers Auto Green Box
59= Motor
RED=12volts Power
Blues and Yellows The two Switch/Motor Circuits
Colours not as wires

If the dash switch LED light is lit when ignition is on then the 5A circuit may be fine.

There should be two clicks from the Green Box up/down.

On my 04 2.0HDi UK Berlingo the wires to the motor are White and Pink (two thickest going through the door frame). Untwist the block (not just the rubber boot as in picture) and send Power direct to those terminals will test the motor.

[Image: lAyA7u9.jpg]

Alternatively, loop Green/Yellow and Pink. Then use a wire between Blue and White for window down. (Button to release connector from Green Box block).

[Image: T2Mwv73.jpg]

If motor works then it's just the Green Box as was my case.

A Dry Joint on the 20A Blue Wire Main Power In Terminal.

[Image: oeMhzuz.jpg]

Once soldered back up the unit hasn't failed since. I'm assuming the fault is caused by heat generated when the motor stops at bottom or top but the dash button or auto relay is still pressed or closed. Listen for the second click when window hits fully open. There's a short delay where power is still being sent but the motor is still.

Nice to see the forum back up Smile
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ok bit of an update on checking terminals at door pink and white at door as decsribed above im only getting power on window up no power reading on down function........the green box i open and inspected and all solder joints look fine and making clicking noise on upp and down funtion even the delayed click on down

on another note what does hold the central locking butoon in til a dull bong noise is made do?? discoverd this today seems to stop the locking button working but is that it?
ok so i thought i found the fault.......broken wires in door opening loom two wires thick white >window down< and a purple repaired them both central locking now works a treat .....still no window down lol so il have another go tomorrow

and holding in the central locking button until a dull bong activates auto door locking above 5>10 mph so have that figured out lol

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