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[Brakes] Rotor
Hi all,

Strange one this,

I was driving along and all of a sudden I get this grinding noise like metal rubbing against the wheel, but when I take a look I can not see anything. Is it possible for the rotor to pop off slightly when driving then pop back on when I apply the breaks.


You could of got a stone stuck in the caliper or the carrier rubbing on the disc.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
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Hi, tomcat,

The carrier? do you mean the calliper or something else

It occasionally happens when I go over a speed bump or drive over rough roads/driveways.

Can this cause the calliper to drop or rub against the disc. I changed the discs last October
Unless your discs are badly warped no....

As it only happens going over speed humps/rough roads my first port of call would be your suspension

Have you tried bouncing your car to see if the noise returns?

Can you hear which wheel it is coming from?
Hi Homeruk,

Yes I have bounced the suspension and the noise does not occur, the noise is coming from the offside.
Can it be the anti roll bar popping out of its holder as the bushel is worn.
Had similar with my 306 when the exciter ring for the ABS had split and come loose from one of the drive shafts. That would also give other symptoms too...
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Make sure you have thoroughly checked the coil spring. The top can be difficuty to see
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
Hi andy womble & griff,

Andy, I can rule that out then as mine does not have ABS.

Griff how do I tell if it is the coil spring, the noise only occurs when I'm driving. When I turn the steering wheel in both directions and pump the brakes it tends to go away, but I'm not sure which rectifies it, and like I say the noise seems to occur when the wheels are turning not when its stationary.
(21-06-2014, 08:25 AM)pitpan Wrote:  Hi Homeruk,

Yes I have bounced the suspension and the noise does not occur, the noise is coming from the offside.
Can it be the anti roll bar popping out of its holder as the bushel is worn.

Could be , sounds like its worth changing anyway if you know its worn, your gonna have to do it for the mot anyway and its another thing off the list
Had the wheels off today & took a look at the coils which both seem to be in good condition. Had a dodgy drop link with split rubber on the near side which I changed. Took a look at the breaks, rotors, callipers & pads and all seems ok. A few rubber bushes seem worn under the car but there are no signs of anything popping out of its bush

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