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Sorry but the usual questions..
Need a little help here if possible ? Im just about to buy a 2009 59 plate Berlingo van that has done a warranted 49K miles with full service history.. Van looks in ace condition and has not had heavy use at all ( Can post a link if allowed ? )
Anyway the questions are....
What are the main things to look out for ? I have heard these vans can and will blow turbos if oil changes and flushes are not done very well ? I was also told that this engine is shared by Ford and used in the Focus and Fiesta models ?

What MPG should I expect in real world driving ?

And the biggie.... The van in question is the lower powered 75BHP engine which concerns me a little.. Anyone who has driven the 69BHP VW Caddy van over the 105 BHP TDI version will understand where I'm going with this question,

I'm looking for reasonable performance not fast but dont want to be slogging up and down the gears ..

I need to get my act together here as I have promised the seller an answer and I believe the wee van will sell quickly as its a cracker and is not subject to VAT..

Thanks !!

If it has fsh from Citroen workshop then you would hope correct oil will have been used & also correct drain procedure. Varients of the engine are common to several makes & I'm guessing there are probably more of these engines on the road in Europe than any other small diesel.
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If its got service history and you do oil changes with the correct oil you should have a good van. There is no need to thrash the van through the gears just drive it on the torque curve and they are a good van. I get 55 to 60 mpg out of mine but I don't carry that much weight most of the time.
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I test drove a 1.9 sdi caddy before I bought 2009 75 bhp berlingo 1.6 hdi, the berlingo feels much quicker, and I have no problem going up long hills on motorways at 70 mph my old 1.9d berlingo would struggle to do 50 mph, maybe the turbo keeps it in the torque band better?, you could also for a couple of hundred £ get it remapped up to 90/95 bhp and some claim 60 mpg. as the op says just make sure its been serviced properly and the correct oil has been used, the mk3 did have some changes to the oil pick up system and doesn't have such an issue with turbo failures as the earlier 1.6 hdis. I have the oil changed every 7500-8000 miles and change the fuel filter every other service as they can get blocked and cause poor running and fault codes. mine carries tools and paint round all the time and I get around 50 mpg
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Take it for a long test drive and you will see if you think it's under powered i think you will find it goes quite well :thumbsup:
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Well I didn't get that van as it sold before I could travel to buy it..

But the information is valuable and appreciated as it will be handy if I go for another Berlingo..

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