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Water pump / belt change
Hi all,

my water pump has a slight leak, a few drips now and again. Now I know whist its in bits the Cam belt etc needs doing.

The thing is I plan to get rid of this Berlingo later in the year and get a newer model and don't really want to spend too much on this one as its 14 years old and starting to show its age.

I am considering doing the work myself to save on labour. I have the tools and a few years ago changed the belt etc on our Peugeot 406 1.9 (XUD) and was wondering if anyone can advise if its easier or harder on the Berlingo 1.9 (DW8B).

Any thoughts or advice most welcome.

Thanks in advance. Dave.
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More or less the same, just with slightly less space Wink
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How much later on in the year ??? I'd consider leaving well alone unless you have time on your hands.

Belt change etc is straightforward especially with your experience.
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Hi Geoff,

mid October when I finish the season working the North Wales coast, I do the sale at Tir Prince during the summer. To be honest the time not really a problem as I'm self-employed and can work around it.

I found the 406 not that difficult, just not a lot of room to work in. Belt tension on the belingo talks of seem units but I will use the twist method on the longest run.

Today the bugger has not dripped at all but I have only driven around town, after a longer run it will drip more.

I will keep an eye on it for now and see if it gets any worse.

Thanks for your advice, do you think it might just last out till end of season so I can trade it in, I do about 150 to 200 miles a week depending on work.

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Will it last ??? a good question about how long is apiece of string ....... I think it is worth taking a chance to begin with and also keeping a close eye on it .... carry water with you at all times and sods law will say it will never leak again.
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Well after a couple of runs into North Wales for work it seems to have stopped leaking. I think it's going to be a case as keeping an eye on it, hopefully it last till I get rid. Many thanks Geoff, dumdum for your thoughts. I will advise on the outcome later....
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For the sake of no labour, and the cost of a water pump and cambelt kit I'd actually do it, if the water pump goes your cambelt might as well be made of chocolate, and as a mechanic, when stuff goes quiet/fixes itself I tend to get worried, normally means something is gonna go wrong Wink if it goes with a bang it's 300 quid plus even with you doin the labour

Lesson learned is the 1.6hdi 61 plate van at work, done 180k, cambelt stripped, eight rockers, valves, a cam, one headset and bolts, 1850 quid later and it's fixed, but a three hundred quid bill would have stopped the 1800 quid one from being needed... Food for thought...
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Hi all,

well I decided to just do it, just not worth the risk really. Was not too bad of a job compared to the 406, more room to work in for a start.

Replaced Water pump, Tensioner, Idler and belt cost me £23.38 for Pump and £54.30 for Gates timing belt kit.

The only concerns I had was the belt tension but after doing some reading on the net I tensioned the belt using the twist method 45 degrees between the Injection Pump and Cam sprockets, this was the longest run. The old belt tension was the same so it should be OK.

Had to move Starter motor out of the way to get to the Timing hole on the Crank, other than that followed instructions in the manual.

Running fine, just got to check coolant and hope my tensioning is OK as the 406 was an auto tensioner.

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