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Berlingo runs on when key turned off
Hi,all iam new to this forum and would be glad of a bit help from
other members,i have 2003 berlingo multispace diesel with a fault,
the engine when warm will run on when you turn off the key off,
will turn straight off when cold,if you leave the engine ticking over for a while when warm it wont turn off with the key,but if you press the brake pedal or turn the lights on engine turns off,been like this now for couple of years ,thanks Handy
Hello Handy welcome to the forum The only thing i can think of you have a bad earth and your getting a reverse feed so try to find your earth point's and check them when you put the light on it cut's the power one point why did you leave it two year's :thumbsup:
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Thanks for the reply,my local mot station thought the problem might have been diesel pump fuel shut off,we found
the problem when the berlingo was left ticking during the mot,so would run on when key turned off,would also
cut out engine if you put it in reverse as this is also an engine cut out according to handbook,engine only runs
on when warm,will check the earths starting with the battery.
This is a common problem with hdi engines when the pump has a fault.
Also check the relay's
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(29-06-2014, 05:27 PM)Jed Clampit Wrote:  Also check the relay's

HI,thanks the berlingo,s engine still runs on when the key is turned off,but if I turn the lights on or press the
brake pedal or turn the heater blower switch slightly the engine turns straight off.I have checked and cleaned
the earths for battery,the earth to the inner wing,earth for rear lights and the earth under the headlining
next to the interior light.Could there be a relay at fault somewhere or is there a relay for when the engine
is started and turned off.I will be soon pulling out me hair.Also the engine management light is on but the
berlingo  starts and runs no problem and the horn has stopped working.
    I will be glad for any help again thanks all.
First things first, get the codes read.

The code will point you in the direction of the fault.

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