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Handbrake Lever
Mark 3 Handbrake - not a huge problem but a tad annoying as partner wont drive the loverly car because of it.....The handbrake doesnt always engage with its usual notchy/serrated sound, in other words I can just pull the lever straight up with no engagement and then it flops back to the floor. Repeated a couple of times it engages properly. Normally I can live with this but its not so great when stopping at lights on a hill for example. Anything I can tinker with?
Does the H/B button feel right? I suspect something has come adrift in the lever.:thumbsup:
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Will second the button too.

Best practise is to press in the button then release when the handbrake pulls tight, this stops wearing out the handbrake ratchet mechanism plus stops that god awful clicking/metal ratching noise.

I am the only one who hates that noise?

Anyway I digress , is your mk3 still under warranty?
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Thanks both.....not under warranty and a bit of a pain to take it on a longish trip back to the garage so I thought to have a tinker. The button is mushy/spongy feeling so I would guess that in the past the handbrake has just been yanked on hence the wear? I see the shrouding plastic appears to be in two parts - can I prize these bits apart to look at the button mechanism? If I fix it I get brownie points and hopefully a new berlingo fan!
Er.... all done I think.... stripped down what I could and spray oiled the parts I could reach, plus a spot on the button itself. Seams better. Genius. Thanks folks!
Sounds like you've sorted it

I would work the button in and out a few times to allow the oil to penetrate ( oo'er missus)

Then give it another light spraying
Oo'er missus.....titter! Used it today and all seems fine, I guess I was making a mountain out of a molehill. There is actually little to go wrong, just a clean needed I guess. Give me long enough I'm sure to conjure up another problem....
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Good news but if it pay's up again and you have to take it apart use some thing like silicone grease it will last a long time :thumbsup:
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