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Clutch problem
Hi there, I am new to this place, and registered because I have a problem with my clutch. Most of the times when I press the clutch pedal, I get this metallic beating sound, and then I have to press the pedal again because the gears won't shift unless I do so. The pressure on the pedal disappears completely too at the same time as the metal beating sound.

Anyone know what this could be?

Hi Sméagol & welcome.Vehicle year & model sometimes helps.Confusedcratch:
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Thank you.

It's 2007 mod , 1.6hdi. 90hp
It sounds as though the hydraulics are failing.Try bleeding first.The pipe from the reservoir to clutch m/cyl leaked on mine & caused a similar problem.Confusedalut:
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That sounds like a plausible explanation . You had a beating sound too ? What does bleeding mean? Sorry, I'm from Norway.
Hello again. I've been reading into the "bleeding" thing, and I think I understand a little bit more now of it.

I'm not sure if this helps in explaining, but when at same time as I hear the beating sound (and it is loud), it feels like whatever is controlling the pressure is losing the grip, sort of. That is why I think maybe you are on to something ron. But then I don't know if you had the beating sound thing. It started out more frequently, and then it went away, unless I pressed the clutch pedal hard. Now it's there almost all the time. The real difference now, from the beginning, is that now it's only one loud beating sound at the same moment as I begin to press the clutch pedal. When it first began, there could be several similar sounds, but also further down pressing the pedal, maybe as if whatever was keeping the pressure didn't loose the "grip" momentarily.

Hope this is understandable
I don't fully understand your description.Could it be a noise thrust bearing? Raspy/rattly noise?Confusedalut:
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I could try and upload the sound, I was going to, but when I tried today, everything was fine. Strange.
In the UK that is known as "sods law".:lol:
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hooray, ermm.. The noise is back.

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