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Rear wiper
OK, the rear wiper has not worked since I got the car and it is stopped on the middle of the rear screen. The fuses seem OK and I can get a replacement motor from the scrappy for about £30 but I don't
want to spend that just to find it was something else.

So my question, is there any way of troubleshooting the system to prove its a faulty motor or just a poor connection?
Popping the panel off the hatch and measuring if there's power on the cable to the motor, maybe?
If this is a motor with the washer feed coming up the drive shaft and then to a nozzle fixed to the wipe arm, it is the most stupid Bosch design ever. Water gets into the motor when an internal O ring seal leaks and corrodes the internals in a spectacular fashion - I have some pictures but never got around to putting them on my website of failures! Little use getting one of these motors from a scrapyard - they all go the same way. I actually managed to make one good one out of two but it was a 2 hour job. The water feed to the washer nozzle must be redirected somehow so NOT to pass up the driveshaft of the unit, a separate nozzle can be fitted , as used on my Xsara Picasso, or omitted altogether. If you are lucky enough to have a motor of this type that still works, disconnect the water feed asap and you might still have it working in future years. Like I said, the most stupid design I have seen in a long time. It was a 52 plate 1.9D MPV with a lift up single rear door, the subject of my other thread about BSI gremlins. Luckily I don't own it.........Robust engine, pity about the electrics, and BOSCH should know better. Most of their stuff is quite good.
(12-07-2014, 02:20 PM)Gadgetman Wrote:  Popping the panel off the hatch and measuring if there's power on the cable to the motor, maybe?

indeed, use a voltimeter.
if there's power, could be the motor. (if you have one that beeps with a circuit is completed is better, you can test motor too)
If there's not, could be the relay (if fuses are ok, etc.)

You can still check your motor by running a fused line on it. (I have made a testing machine for such uses, 12v battery, cables, on/off swtchs with relay and fusebox)
1999 Berlingo 1.8i

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