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EML when braking
Hi, ive already posted this problem up but i never managed to get it solved, and to be honest wasnt to concerned as the van has been working fine with it, but now im looking to sell it and need to get it sorted. The problem is with my 51 plate hdi which runs fine until i brake to come to a stop and the engine management light comes on and the revs drop down until i release the brake pedal again and then the revs will go back up again and be fine. Has anyone had similar issues at all? any help would be great. thanks.
As it's diesel, you probably have a vacuum pump. Check any pipework involved for leaks.
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
nice one i will check it over would this not cause a loss of power?
The vacuum pipe for the brake servo or the servo it self
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Vacuum pipe is also connected to the solenoid for the EGR system so perhaps worht having a look around that area too ???
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Does the eml go off when you release the brake?

You need to read the stored/pending codes to see which code has popped up
Could be a clutch/brake switch issue, or a vacuum issue, or one of many..... Get it a diagnostic done for the actual cause and then fix it from there, whatever people suggest on here it's all gonna be a shot in the dark, then you'll have to get it plugged in to find out the actual fault, so get it plugged in and then ask again when you know the fault code, then people can help, asking for help with what you've said will result in nothing more than guesses Sad

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