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Rear brakes binding and little pedal after axle change
I've just put a refurb axle from IMaxles on and replaced all the brake pipes at the rear inc flexi's. Everything was taken off the old axle a piece at a time cleaned and fitted to new axle. The axle went together and back on the car no problem but after bleeding the brakes the pedal hits the floor with little resistance and the back brakes are binding.
The spring on the lsv was broken but used the one from my other van (mot failure so using as parts for now).
Have I missed something or is there a knack to bleeding the brakes with a lsv?
It sounds as if you have air in the system.Did you pressure bleed? The sticking could over adjustment,sticking cyls,fluid on shoes or the valve not letting pressure release (sticking).That should keep you busy for a while.:thumbsup:Confusedalut::whistle:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Just for future info... You don't need to strip brakes etc from the van and bleed after.... You can unbolt the back plate and pipe work and leave the fully attached brake system with the van and just replace the skeleton of the axle, works with Saxos, 106's and all other torsion bar axles I've ever swapped... You can also swap to discs if you wish by buying the back plates and caliper adaptors and a second hand set of 307 discs and calipers, I think I used a ford set of brake flexys and made a wee brake pipe up to suit aswell, the hub is the same for drum or disc so there good to go Wink
How far up is the hand brake travelling. If it's only one or two clicks then it's to tight and back drum brakes will bind, it needs to be between 6-8 clicks. It sounds like you still have air in brake line so re bleed each wheel separately. Have an assistant to help with depressing the brake whilst you watch for air bubbles in fluid.
Start with the longest line first which is normally the drivers side rear wheel
All is good now, I ended up replacing both wheel cylinders, new set of shoes and fixing kit then rebled the whole system. Thanks for the help.

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